Worse than Wipe? Four Apps for the can…

Different names, same exact app

Different names, same exact app

I won’t spend long on this list as our colleagues in krapps have probably covered at length the features of:  Marriage Saver for Men, Marriage Saver for Women, Yes Man! and Just Say No!.  This app All four of these apps have a commonality: original publication as tutorial for X-Code for dunrks and Dummies, grade 2 edition.

Blue Ox Technologies have single-handedly redefined greed.  Go to their website.  Have a look.  Read their advice and you will have spent as long reading as they did coding – the difference is that you have the choice to pay for their time.


It is the opinion of TMA that these apps are the most worthless payed apps in the App Store but if you are prompted or coerced by Blue Ox Technologies’ agitprop, then by all means use our links to spend your dollars.

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