FlightTrack goes ‘Pro’, $9.99

flighttrackpro1FlightTrack has been one of my favorite travel apps on the iPhone and one I rely on most as I make my way through airports. It provides loads of useful  info for travelers and the interface makes for easy navigation. Now FlightTrack Pro includes all the great features from the original FlightTrack and integrates support for TripIt, a popular online travel organizer. For those not familiar with TripIt,  it basically organizes trip details (could be airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and even restaurants)  into one master online itinerary. See here for a complete list of booking sites that is supported by TripIt.

So how does this all work with FlightTrack Pro? Simply forward your airline confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and TripIt flight itineraries will sync automatically with FlightTrack Pro. For frequent flyers, this can be an indispensible tool as your entire travel plan is always right at your finger tip, without the need for entering airline codes and flights numbers over and over. While I personally haven’t tested out the “Pro” version just yet, the early reviews at the App Store has been very positive. Those who fly more than they care to should definitely have a look at FlightTrack Pro [$9.99].

FlightTrack Pro Features:

Meet your personal air travel assistant.

The most popular iPhone flight tracker now flies with TripIt, the online travel organizer.

It’s made for busy travelers like you. Just forward your airline confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and TripIt flight itineraries will appear automatically in FlightTrack Pro.

  • Track cancellations, delays, gate changes, and more, without retyping flight info.
  • View automatically created itineraries synced from TripIt (www.tripit.com).
  • See live flight tracker maps with weather radar.
  • Check local weather, time, and temperature.
  • Send FlightTrack Emails at a touch to keep your colleagues up to date.

Not a frequent flyer? Check out FlightTrack, our $4.99 (€3.99) flight tracker.

FlightStats™ international flight coverage is rated #1 by the Wall Street Journal and includes the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, India, Japan, South America and beyond. FlightView® flight maps are used by major airports and airlines.

FlightTrack auto-updates only saved flights. Flight maps currently only for flights to/from the US & Canada.

This is the first release of FlightTrack Pro. Stay tuned for more features!

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