“Big” in Japan: Wobble vs iJiggles struggle continues


Currently, there is nothing bigger than breasts in Japan.  Nope.  Not even Alphaville can tobble topple Wobble.  I’ll say it as I have been saying it, breasts are back and with full support from Apple.  Firstly, after the jump let’s remember the last big thing to hit Japan …


The above link will not work if you are browsing in from an iPhone – silly flash issues.  On a serious note though, Wobble, an app that has along with its mortal enemy, iJiggles, garnered my disdain and meanwhile become the biggest seller in Japan.  For reference, the Americans are arguably more explosive but less sexually charged:


Grab your Guns!

Explosive is an understatement when regarding the the feud that is bearing its ugly breasts between Smells Like Donkey, creator of  iJiggles and Glentwood pty Ltd, creator of Wobble.  Wobble burst onto the App Store a couple of days before iJiggles but it is obvious from their online advertisements, videos and fan comments, Wobble is aimed at breasts whilst iJiggles takes a somewhat more neutral stance in regard to marketing.  

Which is the better app?   What you want to do with your iPhone?  Each app outdoes the other in at least one function while failing at another. Wobble may have better breast physics but iJiggles has more effects and allows for some artistic creativity.  Interface?  Wobble – it has great multi touch pinch and stretch functions and a nicer gui.  However, iJiggles’ control scheme allows for very minute alterations within a variety of photographs.


iJiggles' propaganda: taking the mature route


Wobble propaganda:  hyperbolic boobs

Wobble propaganda: hyperbolic boobs

Whatever the outcome, Smells Like Donkey have thrown a bomb into Glentwood pty Ltd’s jugs:  iJiggles is now free.  I am not sure how long it will remain such a bargain but it is certain the author is convinced of the quality of his app.  If the quarrelling that pops up in the blogs holds milk, we should see Wobble somehow react despite its dominant market position.  Who knows?

As part of the TMA team, I feel drawn into a conflict that is destined to end in the inflation and deflation of developer pride.  But, I’d rather not take sides until Bigus Dickus, Bouncy Balls, Testicle Tantrum and Scrotum Soother are released – imbruing the App Store in a truly revolutionary battle.  You can see Wobble’s take here and iJiggles’ blog here.  

Overall, both put a smile on my face and raise the ages old question:  who is the audience of the iPhone?  With the gastric sensations that have come and gone like diarrhea, the run of new piss-apps and the breast wars – I am lead to believe that the iPhone is bought and run by 14 year olds. Perhaps in next reviews, I may have to inquire of the age of developers and if the computer they code on is theirs or their parents’.

Smells Like Donkey, iJiggles


Glentwood pty Ltdl, Wobble 

WOBBLE?Her Bits 3D

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