RjDj Shake in Review – Like A Polaroid Picture + 1 Promo Code Giveaway

rjdjshake11Is it a game? Is it a toy? Is it even worth it? Is there a point to it? The website itself asks, “What the heck is RjDj?” This question is one that is difficult to answer, but necessary in understanding just what Reality Jockey Ltd. is seeking to achieve. While RjDj Shake may seek for high and lofty goals, it unfortunately fails to rise above the level of novelty.

“RjDj is promoting a music genre that we call “reactive”. The sound that listeners hear is produced by digital devices in the very moment it is listened to. Composers of reactive music often make heavy use of sensory input, which makes the environment of the listener part of the music that is heard. Compositions are called “Scenes”. Scenes have a different musical structure than traditional compositions and they often have no clear beginning and end.” – From rjdj.me/what

These scenes that you can load uses the input it receives to form a musical meta-reality. Where the first meta-reality machine, RjDj Album, was an ambitious attempt (although unfortunately buggy and prone to crashes), RjDj Shake is more stable, but seems lackluster compared to its predecessor.

rjdjshake2RjDj Shake contains 7 pre-installed scenes. They range from a faster, hip-hop vibe to a slower, more ethereal experience. Most of these are manipulated with the movement of your iDevice. It can sometimes change the tempo of the beats like in Scrambler, or add vibrating string sounds like in Urmawi. In Meno tilting the iDevice changes the atmosphere of the music. There are also a couple of scenes that utilize touch and microphone input.


Each scene is best experienced in its own unique way. You’ll find that some are better just sitting down while others are better walking down the street. In the info section of each scene, there’s a small blurb that gives suggestions on how to best handle the RjDj experience. The interactive screen consists of a picture (that may be interacted with), a pause/play button, a volume slider, and a record button.

rjdjshake4The record function is perhaps one of the most inspired but disappointing aspects of this app. You can record any amount of your scene and replay them at your convenience. Unfortunately, that’s all you can with it. You can’t export it to your laptop. You can’t edit it in any way. It just sits there to be listened to.

This is the major issue with RjDj. At the end of the day, it is a nice little distraction, but it doesn’t grab and hold your attention. It is all sparkle and shine but no substance. Even for audiophiles whose interest may be piqued due to the uniqueness of RjDj will be hard pressed to find using it after a few tries. Also, while there is some variety, having only 7 scenes severely limits the enjoyment and replayability RjDj Shake has to offer.

rjdjshake5So, the question is, “Is RjDj Shake worth buying?” Given the limited amount of scenes, the inability to export your files, and the limited variability of music, I would have to say no. RjDj Shake is a novelty app that strives for great ideals but fails to fully deliver on them.


App Summary
Title: RjDj Shake (v0.6.6) Developer: Reality Jockey
Price: $2.99 App Size: 13.6 mb
  • Good Concept
  • Uniqueness
  • Amount of Scenes
  • No Export Function
  • Replayability


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