iGirl – For pervs, the lonely, the curious or all of the above

igirl1If you’ve been following TouchMyApps for the last little while,  writers and readers alike have both voiced their concerns over farting/burping/vomit apps that have polluted the App Store. There are simply just too many of them, seemingly turning Joe Blow into a developer, all in the name of raking in a quick buck. Well I believe that after all this farting business dies down, there’s a good chance the next big craze will be virtual girls making their way into iPhones/iPod Touches. Enter “iGirl – Shake her bikini“, aimed at those who enjoy big guns (guilty!), long legs and having that babe-in-a-pocket all day(and night) long.

iGirl – Shake her bikini may very well be the first of its kind for the iPhone, but it certainly won’t be the last. As described by Resistor Productions, the devs behind the app:

Have your own virtual girl friend on your iphone for less than the price of a cup of coffee or a beer!

iGirl Combines Fun and Flirtation to Offer Users a Playful App for Entertainment.


"My eyes are up here, silly"

Upon starting iGirl, you are greeted with a 3D female model whose appearance can be manipulated by the user. Going into settings, you can change the model’s hair color, skin color and clothing. If you prefer ’em blonde, go ahead and make it happen. There are four ethnicities to choose from: Caucasian, Asian, Latin and African, as well as four outfits to dress them up in: casual, pool, school uniform and business attire. Changing their outfit also changes the location. The bikini will take you pool side,  a uniform will transport you to a school and so forth.


Look at the walls, they are beautiful!


The uniform skirt is a touch too long

If you want to get a better view of the hmmm surrounding 3D environment, you can zoom in and out and rotate the camera angle with the pinch of your finger. For those who have never seen boobs up close before, iGirl can certainly fulfill that wish of yours. While the virtual girl is interactive, it is rather limited in terms of what you can do with her (minds out of the gutter please). Tap on her to make her go ‘Ohhhhhhhhh!”, shake your device to make her lose her balance and say “hey be careful! I’m delicate” and the bottom right button will make her show off her dance moves.  If you ignore her for a few moments, you’ll start hearing things like:

  • “Ahhhh, you’re so cute, can i have some money?”
  • “Ummmm, will you help me with this tanning oil?”
  • “Ummmm, I need a tutor, maybe you can like help me study?”

That’s really all there’s to iGirl. Users hoping for more interaction with their virtual playmates will undoubtedly be disappointed. As much as i love boobs and babes, I don’t really see how iGirl will currently keep anyone entertained for long periods of time. On the bright side, the 3D models are well done and the camera rotates and zooms in/out smoothly and without hiccups. The potential is certainly there if Resistor Productions decides to get even more creative and add some fun features to future updates  (iGirl meets The Sims?).

If you’re a perv (guilty!), lonely or just curious, iGirl can keep you warm during those cold winter nights for the current low price of $0.99.


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