Fieldrunners 1.2 Now Available

fieldrunners12_4Even with the mega success of Fieldrunners, Subatomic Studios is hard at work making an awesome Tower Defense game even better via updates. 1.2 brings new Fieldrunners to blast, 2 new defense towers, improved lightning visuals and even a new map (among other goodies). The Flame  tower will roast a slew of Fieldrunners while the Mortar tower will  obliterate entire areas of the map. Sweeet! In terms of a new locale, the Drylands map will create even more challenges as enemies now have 3 points of entry. A complete list of new features and screenshots after the jump.


New Features:

  • Flame tower: The flame tower is capable of incinerating multiple fiedrunners in a single fiery swoop.
  • Mortar Tower: With a destructive payload and an explosive force, the mortar tower can obliterate entire areas of the field in a single devastating attack.
  • Sell without penalty: A tower that is both purchased and sold while the game is paused will not incur a score or price penalty.
  • Faster load times: The time required to start a new game or resume a previously saved game has been significantlly reduced.
  • Updated game icon: The game icon has been changed to reflect the color palette of the new map.
  • Improved lightning visuals: The lightning bolt discharged by the tesla tower now emits light and animates more realistically.
  • Drylands: With multiple paths snaking through the dried-out canyon riverbed, the Drylands map gives the fieldrunners ample opportunities to escape your grasp.
  • P-47 Thunderbolt: These blazing fast planes tear throught the sky pover the fields at an incredible speed.
  • Autosave: The autosave feature saves your progress every round to protest you against crashes or freezes.
  • Stream Indicators: When enemies begin to enter the map, the stream indicators appear on-screen to indicate the direction in which they are being spawned.
  • Environment Shadows: Environment pieces now cast shadows onto enemies and towers to better integrate them into the environment.

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