ATTRACTION in Review- Still attracted to the genre?


Match 3 puzzle games.  What’s not to love right?  Fortunately if you like them, unfortunately if you don’t, there are many many choices to be had in the App Store.  Perhaps it’s the fact that these type of games seem to translate very well to the touch screen or it’s just a familiar and popular genre.

Attraction is the latest addition to the club.  However, we’re not just matching 3 of the same colored pieces… that would be too simple for us match 3 veterans.  We’re now matching 4!  Hah! Take that!  Also, the balls aren’t dropped for us (as is the norm), but we’re now shooting them across the screen.  A simple change to the genre, though a welcome addition to spice things up.


While the game does offer a very brief story line when you first begin your game, it really is irrelevant to the actual game play.  It is however appreciated none the less.

“The shortage problem of resources is getting very serious in our planet. You have a very challenging mission to complete – get sufficient resources back from the blue planet! Group together 4 resource balls of the same color and release to take in their power when they burst. The resources meter will then be filled up accordingly with the power from the resource balls.”

There are 20 levels offered, including many different types of special balls that throw a twist into the game play.  There is the lightning ball (at least that’s what I call it) that shoots a bolt of lightning and gets rid of the entire row.  There are balls that freeze new lines from forming, balls that bomb and explode the surrounding balls, and some that get rid of all of the same colors.  I won’t describe all of them in order to allow you some excitement as they are revealed to you.  It does however add a nice element of strategy as the levels regularly become more complex with all the different types of power balls that can be used.  Beware though that some are there to hinder your progress….

One other note of strategy is the fact that there is a gun you can use when things get too close for comfort.  Just shoot away the lines, but this is only for a limited time of course, and does take time to recharge.  Just another little food for thought in terms of your risk/reward gameplay.


The music in the game does have a steady arcade/techno beat which does pump up the adrenaline a bit.  There is an option to turn on/off the in-game music as well as the sound effects. I don’t know why, but I did enjoy the sound the game made when the bubbles were getting too close to reaching the end.  For some reason, it reminded me of being on a plane where you press the button when you need assistance, but I digress.

I was pleased to find that there are 3 options for control in this game.  There is the “classic” version which is pressing the on-screen buttons.  There is the swipe option, and finally the accelerometer control.  You really can use whichever suits your style most.   I always appreciate when developers provide these options to the gamer rather than forcing one style that just may not be right for the game or the person.  Personally, I found the classic controls the most precise for my game play, although I found the pick-up and release buttons for the balls a bit too close together.


All in all, if you like match 3 puzzle games, there is no reason you will not like this game.  It may be a touch short in that there are only 20 levels, but a ranking/high score option does add some replayability for those that are obsessed with breaking their own scores, as well as a survival mode for unlimited game play (unlimited until you die that is).  While this game does not reinvent the wheel, it still is an enjoyable experience.


App Summary
Title: ATTRACTION Developer: CDE
Price: $2.99 App Size: 23.2 mb
  • Power Ups
  • 3 options for controls
  • High Score & Survival Mode
  • Only 20 levels
  • Story is very shallow


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