SlotZ Racer in Review – One Button of Pure Unadulterated Fun!!

slotz1Racing games.  It feels like I’ve played them since the beginning of time.  I remember playing Turbo on my ColecoVision (I know… what the heck is/was a ColecoVision?).  I played Pole Position and OutRun in the arcades, and the updated racers from Need for Speed, Forza to Burnout.  I don’t want to toot my own horn (no pun intended) but I’m pretty good at them…

Nostalgia… I remember playing with slot cars when I was a child.  Simple fun for hours upon hours.  You just pressed the button to accelerate and let go to slow down and stop.  That’s it.  Would you believe that it’s the exact same thing here?  One button, that’s all.  Hours and hours of fun without the “simple” part.  There is definitely a learning curve to SlotZ Racer.  Sure, it’s only one button, but that one button has a lot of power behind it!  Basically, forget everything you think you know about racing games.

slotz2The sheer amount of options packed into this game is outstanding.  From quick race, to single player (single race, championship and practice), to multiplayer (up to 4 – ON THE SAME DEVICE!!), this game offers pretty much everything you could hope for.
For all you gear heads out there, almost everything can be customized.  There is the standard easy, medium and hard levels, but do you want trails behind your car?  Want to tweek your grip or accelerator levels?  Want to see tires smoke?  I’m still amazed that so many options are available to you.  3 camera views… the list goes on and on.


For single player, championship is where you’ll spend most of your time.  Here, you have 15 championships to race around, all varying in difficulty and in length.  Some are laps (5, 20 etc) some are timed in that you just need to be in first when the time is up. There are a certain number of tracks per championship in which you accumulate points depending on where you place.  Most points at the end, wins the championship. Adding to the fun and features of the game are that the championships offer different cars.  Some are indy cars, some are stock cars…

There were a few incredibly cool features that I have to mention.  The first is tire smoke.  If you jump the starting gun too quickly, your tires will smoke causing poor acceleration.  Timing the start of the race is essential.  Think drag racing where all the lights flash and once turned off, only then is it time to burn rubber (no pun intended again.  Ok, maybe a little this time).

Whoever thought that adding pit-stops in the middle of a slot racing game would work, is pure genius.  That’s right, for those lengthy races you need to stop at the finish/starting line which will automatically start the refuel.  Should you just stop for a splash of fuel or fully stock up for a few laps?

slotz4My final point is about the realism of the game.  You can see and almost feel your car’s back end loosen and start to lose its grip on the track when you’re going too fast around a corner.  It’s just an extra added bonus to the sensation of speed in this game, and believe me, there is speed.  You will fly off the track many many times, but just like in real life slot cars, you just place the car back on the track and you’re good to go!  Frame-rate is buttery smooth and the graphics are great for such a simple game.

All in all, if you’ve ever played with slot cars, you’ll feel right at home here.  If you have never played with slot cars, you now have a chance.  Do not let this game pass you by.  It’s a keeper in every sense of the word.  The only other thing I would say to make this game a grand-slam instead of a homerun, is to have online multiplayer.  Ok, and maybe user created track sharing as well, but I’m just being greedy now.  Even without online play and track sharing, this is one of the best games in the App Store right now.  Who knew that a simple game with one button could be so much fun?

Edit:  Since the review, Slotz has been updated to version 1.1 which is a huge update.  A new track manager has been included where we can email codes with friends to share tracks (did they read my review or something??) .  They’ve also added scenery, a new dirt style track, 4 new cars and updated the editor as well.

Even more reason to kiss this game!!!


App Summary
Title: Slotz Racer Developer: Freeverse
Price: $2.99 App Size: 7.9 mb
  • Hours of Fun
  • Track Editor
  • Achievements
  • Tons of Options
  • Can’t choose own cars in championship
  • Track Editor can be somewhat difficult at first
  • Wish there was a way to share created tracks


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