Scoops in Review – Ice Cream Stacking Fun

scoops1Ian Marsh’s Scoops has been around the App Store for quite some time now and yet it remains one of the more popular and well liked titles for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This shouldn’t come as a surprise really considering how easy it is to appreciate a game like Scoops and the amount of fun that can be had from such a simple concept.

Scoops is  fundamentally a stacking game that will require both lighting quick reflexes and reaction times from the player. Starting out with just a single scoop of ice cream, your objective is to stack these delightful scoops as they fall from the sky. To move your cone left and right, simply tilt your device in the corresponding direction. While scoops are falling, similarly colored veggies will also succumb to gravity and cause you to lose a life shall you stack them by accident (three veggie stacks and its game over).


Points are awarded for every successful scoop stacked, and a bonus multiplier located at the top of the screen will also increase in the process. So the greater this bonus number, the faster you are able to rack your point total.  In addition, the more consecutive stacks made, the faster the scoop and veggies fall. This of course is where the game gets fun and challenging and will require those cat like reflexes. Since the white and pink veggies can look deceivingly like its ice cream counterpart, players find themselves feverishly tilting the iPhone/iPod Touch left and right to avoid those unbearably healthy and dangerous onions and tomatoes.

The physics of the game also plays nicely with the whole stacking idea. Just as you would expect a cone stacked with an unimaginable number of scoops to behave, your tower of delight will lean heavily to the left and right as more stacks are made. This definitely adds to the challenge as it takes even more skill and timing to reach the scoops and avoid those dreaded veggies.

scoops2 scoops3

Even though I have been playing Scoops for several weeks now, I have yet to get bored of the game. Its simple but addictive gameplay always seems to bring me back for more.  If there is one thing missing from the game though, its the lack of an “all time” world wide leaderboard. As it stands, you can only see “daily” high scores. It would be great to be able to see where I rank against the best stackers in the world (well maybe not having one a good thing, seeing how my ego will be deflated when I find out how crappy I really am at the game).

Scoops is a testament to how a simple design and concept can be turned into something so enjoyable and well liked. If you still haven’t picked up a copy of Scoops, this is definitely a game you should add to your todo list at the App Store.


App Summary
Title: Scoops Developer: Ian Marsh
Price: $1.99 App Size: 0.7 mb
  • Delightful graphics
  • Simple yet fun gameplay
  • As pace picks up, so does the fun and challenge
  • No “All Time” Leaderboard
  • Tower of scoops could be slightly more responsive when tilting left and right as game progresses


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