MeterRead Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

meterread_promo1TouchMyApps is giving away 10 copies of MeterRead (Go Green!), a rare App Store offering that helps you track energy usage and one that has the potential to help you save your hard earned money  (not to mention helping the environment as well by being more energy conscious).

Studies show that motivated people who monitor their energy use generally save around 10-20% on their electric bill. This could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year and by saving energy you will be doing your part to keep this planet healthy and green.

To win one of 10 copies, simply leave a comment and give us one or more ways on how you can save energy and be a little more ‘green’. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 31, 2009 @ 6pm EST. Be sure to check out Shigzeo’s article on MeterRead as well as our interview with the father and son dev team.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone on how we can be a bit more ‘green’.

Our winners for MeterRead (Go Green!) promo codes are:

Susan Li, David G., Sayam, Ricky, Jade, Akam, Jeremy, Paul, Corey and YC.

  • akam

    I will save alot on my electricity bill if I uses this app alot. This help me monitor my power meter outside my house and let me know if the power company is overcharging me.

    Tips to save electricity: always switch off the lights when you are not using.

    Always switch off the aircon or lower the temperature when there is nobody in the room. This helps conserve electricity.

    Manz..i gtg sleep now to conserve electricity (my lights are still on when im typing this)

  • Jeremy

    I Recycle
    I Shut The Lights when I leave the room

  • Jade

    Obviously first switch to fluorescent lightbulbs and turning off the lights when not in the room. Also turning off all electronics when not in use, which means completely unplugging from the socket, because they still use up energy even when off or in sleep mode.

  • Sell one of my cars !?! :p

  • Paul

    – use water saving shower heads
    – have 4min showers
    – dont turn aircon lower than about 25 degrees C
    – reuse and recycle
    – share your shower with some one 😉
    – turn tap off while brushing teeth
    – turn lights off when you leave a room.
    – have the fridge a little warmer. (still below 5 degrees C
    – recharge your iphone at night when power is cheeper (not saving energy but saving money still a good idea 😉 )

  • T.J

    drive less if possible. I live pretty close to everything, so I try to walk or bike it whenever I can.

  • akam

    1. recharge your iphone or phones in the your home electricity..i see many of my collegues do this.

    2. re-use dirty water to flush toilet.

    3. switch off aircon when not using. If really need, turn on a fan..

    4. run tap water slowly when brushing teeth or cleaning hands or dishes.

    5. switch off the tv when you are not watching or sleeping. I find my dad always turn on the tv even when he is sleeping!!

  • SamSam

    take only 1 shower a week! :)

  • Susan Li

    I would love to try MeterRead. Anything to help save bills around the house

    -keep lights off when not in use

    -try to use an electric fan as much as possible during summer instead of cranking the A/C

  • David G.

    I must admit, i am not big on conserving energy. My wife has been on my case lately, as she is way more environmentally conscious than i am. I would say take public transit and use more energy saving bulbs.

  • shigzeo

    how bout this: bicycle!

    here is a site for all of you to consider and which has after my opus and way back in the day, trek, changed my life: marinoni bicycles <-- this piuma in all steel is my next bicycle. notice that I did not go for composite! that is because it is not recyclable nor fixable. steel is heavier, but forces my to sweat more and is better for the environment for many many reasons: creation process, recyclable, biodegradeable and well, it is a canadian company who produce the piuma! long live marinoni!

  • YC

    -shorter showers
    -lower ac
    -walk more
    -replace old bulbs with new efficient ones

  • Ricky

    i think that carpooling more would help. For every person who decides to carpool, an extra car would be off the road. In countries like china and india, this could make a huge difference

  • chunky

    use less water when showering and avoid baths

  • how bout busses? trains? not using chemical compounds to clean the house? i think there is no real possibility to go completely green but we can try as hard as we can

  • Corey

    Use the dryer and washer at off peak hours. Second I already have one of those crazy light bulbs. Thanks haha

  • big ben

    in the summer, just hang clothes and let them dry outside. this way, you don’t even need the dryer

  • love U2

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