A-Go-Go Square in Review – Go-Go or No-Go?


Let me begin by saying I love Qix style games.  I remember playing them in arcades… Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but us “elderly” folks actually used to go to arcades to socialize and play games, rather than in our basements talking through headphones with our friends who are in a different household, or over 2 iphones via wifi.  But this isn’t a history lesson.  It’s simply to point out that I hold a special place in my heart for these type of games.  Perhaps unfortunately and/or unfairly, I also come in with certain expectations.


A-Go-Go Square is your basic Qix style game.  You need to fill up 70% of the screen by completing squares in order to reveal the hidden picture.  Each new level brings more bad guys that fly around the screen trying kill you.  Do not let them hit you or your trail as you then die.  There are power-ups to be found which can be activated by also making a square around them.  That’s pretty much all there is to this style of game.  It’s usually a lot of fun.

There isn’t too much to say about the graphics.  They get the job done, and they suit the vibe of the game.  Everything is done in crisp colours with a cartoon style.  It doesn’t detract from the game play but it’s not ground breaking either.  But that’s ok, it doesn’t need to be…


I have to admit that what makes or breaks the game, are the controls.   I’m sorry to say but they are sorely lacking here.  There is no tilt or accelerometer function, which is fine as I’m usually not a big fan of accelerometer controls, but the touch function then needs to be precise and easy to use.  Two things that I found sorely lacking in this game.

You have a little d-pad on the bottom left corner for your movement but to actually move off your square, you need to hold the “move” button that’s found on the bottom right corner.  If you let go of the “move” button, you retreat along your line.  If you don’t accurately hit the move button, you don’t go anywhere.  In addition, the directional pad just does not register your movements as well as the fact that it’s too small for it’s own good.  In a game that’s all about timing and precision, this is unforgiveable.   I found these issues to be frustrating each and every time I tried to play this game.

agogo4One positive part about A-Go-Go Square is that when all your lives are done, you can at least continue from the same board.  Sometimes, it can be very frustrating to start from level 1 again and again only to keep dying at level 3 (the first boss fight in this game).  Thankfully, you can continue.  On a similar note, when you exit the game and restart it, it does at least remember where you left off as well.

There are also 5 different power-up that you will find in this game, ranging from freezing the bad guy, speed boost, extra life etc.  It does add an extra element of strategy in terms of do you risk your life in an attempt to get that power up? Finally, it does keep a rankings score to see your total score over the 12 levels.

In the end, as much as I love these type of games, there are just better alternatives available at the App Store.  If the controls ever get fixed, this would make the game more playable and enjoyable. However, in it’s current form, I have to recommend that you stay away from this one.


App Summary
Title: A-Go-Go Square Developer: CDE
Price: $0.99 App Size: 13.0 mb
  • Cute Graphics
  • Power ups
  • Controls, Controls. Controls


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