Upcoming App – Just Fillin’

justfillin4playtoniq, the folks behind the well received “Aqua” Sports series (Aqua Hoops /Aqua Punt), has dropped by TouchMyApps to let us know about their brand new game Just Fillin’. Set to be released tomorrow (Jan 28th), Just Fillin’ takes gameplay elements of the classic Qix and adds its own unique twist. Having spent time testing out the game, I must say it got me hooked with its simple but addictive gameplay.


The basic premise of Just Fillin’ is similar to Qix, in that you try to fence off or carve out as much of an area as possible. Where it differs though is that you fill out an area with bubbles instead of using lines. To create bubbles, simply tap anywhere on the screen. The longer you tap and hold, the bigger the bubble. As you form more bubbles, the water will continue to rise (so the bigger the bubble, the faster the flooding). Once this water line reaches the top of the screen, the level is complete.


Trap the spikes for more bubble blowin real estate

Another important aspect of the gameplay is that AS your bubblings are filling up, they can be popped by spiky balls that are constantly bouncing round. To prevent them from popping, either drag your finger around the screen to avoid the spikes or simply let your finger go. The moment you let go, the bubble will solidify and become impenetrable. Every level also as a POPS and BUBBLES indicator. POPS is basically your life line; every time your bubble gets popped, this meter will decrease. BUBBLES is like your ammunition, where you have a limited number of bubbles to blow per level.


Tilt your device left and right to make bubbles move around. This can help trap some spiky balls


In later levels, good luck trying to make larger bubbles

playtoniq has created a really fun game as far as I’m concerned. With global high scores and two difficulty modes (normal and hard), Just Fillin’ will keep you busy for long time. For $0.99. this is an awesome deal indeed. Be sure to keep an eye out for the game when it does show up at the App Store.

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