iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware 2.2.1 point release


Is it the release we are all hoping for or not?  Browser geeks are looking for Safari tweaks and upgrades and mail buffs are looking for many fixes including mail and pictures compatibility.  Hopefully those issues have been resolved as Apple have mentioned in the update log:

This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
– Improved general stability of Safari
– Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

Products compatible with this software update:
– iPhone
– iPhone 3G

Some questions have arisen in two of the camps that I follow.  Firstly, the audiophile camp — has the apparent bug that strikes iPod touches ability to playback lossless ALAC files – Headfi Discussions.whilst using Safari been addressed?  The iPod has stood the test of time and though many self-proclaimed audiophiles deride it for its lack of marketing toward their wallets, it is the benchmark by which all other portable audio and video players are meassured.  That said, there is a truly geeky audiophile of late who stays up late surfing the ‘information superhighway’ (snigger) whilst playing his or her favourite Bony M Album and has been annoyed not by the marketing but by artifacting of songs whilst browsing.  If we find that the iPod Touch has been ‘fixed’, let us let you know!  😉

The final issue is camped outside of the haven for homebrew and a truly free iPhone/iPod Touch:  the Jailbreak scene.  Many of Apple’s upgrades have rendered the work of the Jailbreak coders obsolete to some extent.  Naturally, 2.2.1 has prompted many fears in the homebrew scene and as with all point releases, has people swearing not to update until they are sure that their special brew is not shut down.  As the firmware’s insemination toward the masses proceeds, we will be able to properly weed out the truth from the fears.  

Whatever the truth, thank you Apple for continuing to support this great platform.

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