A Look at i Sniper – Bang! You’re Dead.

isniper1Personally, I haven’t come across that many sniper games for the iPhone. The one or two that I have were underwhelming to say the least. That’s why when I first saw i Sniper, I had fairly high expectations after seeing some rather nice looking screen shots of the game. Developed by MASQ Interactive, i Sniper will take you through 6 missions around the world, with features like ‘concentration’ to steady your shot and tilt controls to aim through your scope.

iSniper is the most realistic sniper game your are looking for.

The story begins when a group of terrorists broke into MASQ Corp. HQ and hold hostages. Your squad, the best anti-terrorist unit in the world, is called to take control of this emergency situation.

However, this is just the top of an iceberg. A long and tough path is waiting for you and your team.

Hold your breath, seek, aim and FIRE!

isniper3Gameplay is actually quite intuitive. All levels have a static backdrop, with the first level taking place at MASQ HQ. Tapping anywhere on the screen will immediately take you to scope mode. To aim, simply tilt your device to move your scope around. In Sniper view, you will find the Concentration button to the left. Holding it will steady your shot as you hold your breath and will allow for better head shots. The meter will deplete momentarily, so use sparingly. When you’re ready to fire, simply tap on the trigger button to the right. It should be noted that the spot you tap on the screen (while in backdrop view) is also where your scope will zoom into. Needless to say, you want to tap the area where the enemies are located.

isniper4isniper2Once I got used to the controls and scope movements, I actually found it more fun killing terrorists without using concentration. This adds a bit more challenge and makes for a quicker action-like pace. Aiming the scope with the accelerometer is also quite responsive, which is a plus for the whole sniping experience.

While this may very well be the best sniper game currently out (though this isn’t really saying much since I don’t believe there are that many at the App Store), it definitely could use some improvements. My biggest beef with the game is how hard it is to locate enemies on the screen. They can be so bloody small its like trying to find bread crumbs on a beach. To be fair, terrorists don’t run around naked in real life and shout “here! shoot me! I’m here!”. Still, the enemies can be so hard to spot at times that it can get frustrating. The enemies themselves could also use some upgrades graphically. I know the iPhone is more than capable of making them look like card board props.


Let's play Waldo. How many terrorists can you spot? I can assure you there are more than 1 but less than 5.

I did have some fun with i Sniper, though the whole experience is way too short (finished it in 15-20 mins). The good news is that the developers are promising more levels, weapons, enemies and even a system to make it easier to spot them. Casual fans may want to hold off until then or try out the lite version before buying. Sniper fans though will likely find the game to be quite fun and even help quench that sniping thirst.

Available now for $1.99


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