Want to Play Doctor? PC Dr. Momo – A MangAnimation


What would be a great idea for a comic?  How about a cute doctor who found a helpless computer that became her mother?  Jirco Support and Project Momo have released such a cute comic for the iPhone.  Sounds interesting?  Well read on.  

In 2008, Happy Christmas time, Momo received a sad letter from her mum: the two would never meet again as her mum was way far away in the clouds somewhere; she might even be dead.  Quite a sad story so far but fortunately it is not over.  The same day, Dr. Momo found a cute computer whom she rescued and then fixed.  And…

It would be blithe to publish the rest and as this is not a game, but an interactive comic, the plot should be left safe and untainted by my hand.  PC Dr. Momo uses iPhone specific technology to create a unique reading experience.  It is not a browser based read, it is a first in the genre of comics readers in the App Store and from a preliminary look, 面白そう。Both Japanese and American (yes, you read that right) language versions usable via the in-app options, so read away!

PC Dr. MoMo

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