Tired of iTunes? Try the App Store (the other one)


App Store Messiah

Load times.  Memory.  Indirect links.  iTunes is a glorious application but with its numerous functions, even in OSX it is not as fast as it was just months ago.  Widows Windows users have a right to complain, it is slow in Vista or XP and probably in the upcoming Windows 7 Widows, but now, Apple are causing disbelief even among their most loyal followers:  the Mac faithful.

I am only in the second circle of Mac Faith, but my brethren who have been tithing to Apple since the 80’s have secretly informed me that they don’t think the App Store should be included in iTunes.  Well, perhaps it is a Mac Faithful or a heretic, only Gobs knows, but the App Store Messiah has been born to the internet.

It is the App Store from iTunes but without the superstitions, the Lag, the progeny of music player/video/app/rental unit.  I feel a wave of exaltation coming over me.

Take a look:  it lacks nothing from the App Store – even has staff picks:  but which staff?  It has most of the Music and Movie store linked as well! All the links are directly from iTunes App Store and even iLounge have given a nice write-up about it.   Must be safe.  Must be the way of things to come.  I just hope the Church of Apple is not broken up on this point and holy wars are not waged on account of the perfect emulation of the App Store functions and look.

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