Tiltafun in Review – Candy Lickin’ Fun

tiltafun_review6Not long ago, TouchMyApps gave you an exclusive first look at Tiltafun, an adorable looking tilt controlled game developed by On the Rocks. Well the game has finally arrived at the App Store and being their first app release for the iPhone/iPod Touch, On the Rocks has come through with a simple yet fun and well designed game in Tiltafun.


Tiltafun’s gameplay is essentially Labyrinth dressed up with vibrant colors and a very likeable theme. Instead of marbles and holes on the board, you play as the candy munching critter who is in need of some serious sugar fixin’ (you see that candy cane in its mouth?). Using the accelerometer, you tilt your candy monster around to chomp up all the sweets on the screen. To make things more interesting and challenging, players will have to collect all candies/sweets before the clock runs out (2 minutes) while avoiding the brick like obstacles at all costs . Coming in contact with any will mean having to redo the level again.

tiltafun_review3Tiltafun is divided into 10 worlds, where each has its own designated treat to snack on. In the first world, you munch on cupcakes. The next its strawberry sponge cake, and so forth. These stages are further divided into 5 levels, each with its own unique layout and obstacles. To steer away from the norm, On the Rocks has made it so that you can play through these 5 levels in any order you want. So if you find a particular level too challenging or just want to test out a different one, the choice is always there. While this maybe the case, you do have to complete all 5 levels before the next world becomes available for tasting.


Looks easy here, but the rows of bricks will expand and contract, making for some well coordinated tilts

As a whole package, Tiltafun works well on many fronts. The artwork and sweet graphics complement the whole ‘Candy’ theme nicely. The music is catchy and will likely have you humming the tune even after playing the game. The tilt controls are surprisingly good. Players will feel in control of the candy monster via sensitive tilt movements, as opposed to slipping and sliding all over the place. Since obstacles will move about and disappear then reappear on screen (elements that add to the fun factor), tight controls to navigate around are essential for a game like Tiltafun. It may all look very easy, but I can assure you that players will be challenged. Certain levels will require precision and perfect timing in order to avoid those moving bricks and reach those yummy snacks.


While I found Tiltafun to be loads of fun, it can also be frustrating at times due to the nature of  the game. Players only get 1 attempt per level, so if you bump into any of the obstacles, all the snacks collected will be lost and its back to square one. There were a few times when I had only 1 treat left to snack on, only to have to redo the entire level as I got careless and grazed a brick just before I could get to it. As you progress and open up new worlds, be prepared to replay certain levels multiple times as obstacles move faster and snacks are harder to get to. Mind you, this is also part of what makes the game fun and so challenging. Still, I think it would be nice if there were several lives to play with or power ups that made you bounce of walls or invincible for a short period of time.

All in all, Tiltafun is a very well produced game. You know that On the Rocks has spared no effort and resources in making the game when they purchase and shoot the game trailer on a RED ONE HD camera. Kids will love the cute and vibrant visuals and adults will also appreciate the challenging gameplay. Those who enjoyed Labryinth will find Tiltafun both entertaining and charmingly designed.

App Summary
Title: Tiltafun Developer: On the Rocks
Price: $1.99 App Size: 16.9 mb
  • ‘Sweet’ Artwork and visuals
  • Responsive controls
  • Catchy soundtrack
  • Play levels in any order you wish
  • Challenging, especially at later levels
  • Only one life per level
  • Power ups could make things even more interesting
  • Would be great addition if it kept track of times to complete each level


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