STITCH’em WORDS in Review – A Picture is worth how many Words?

stitch-1Word games, we’ve all played them.  Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Boggle etc etc.  I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of these type of games, but for some reason, I really enjoy them on my Touch.  Either I’m getting wiser with age, or these games translate beautifully on this device.  Maybe it’s both…

One of the latest word games to hit the app store, Stitch’em Words, at least brings some creativity and originality to the table. In fact, there is a whole category in the app store dedicated to “word” games which shows the shear amount of options you have to choose from. So what does this game offer that other word games don’t?  Pictures!!

As the developer has noted, it’s inspired by the classic TV show Concentration.  You’re not only trying to figure out words (like every other word game), but you’re using pictures and letters to make the words.  You’re “stitching” the words together (hence the title for the game).  This does sound easy but the pictures are not always obvious which adds to the challenge.  For example, take a look at the first level pictured here.

stitch-2What exactly is that red bag with a red cross?  Just know it’s not a medicine bag as I originally thought.  Once you’re able to use the picture to create a word, the word appears under the picture which definitely helps with the future words.  The hardest part by far is figuring out what the actual picture represents.

Game play is rather simple.  You tap one of the tiles and try to create words.  That’s pretty much all there is to it.  But don’t let the simplicity fool you into thinking this game is easy. It’s not.  You’ll also notice that the top left corner has shapes (square and circle) which indicate the order that the tiles need to be placed in order to create your word.

stitch-3The developer has indicated that there are hundreds of puzzles, but beware that should you ever complete them all, I’m not sure you would play this game again as all the levels are in the same order.  Level 1 will always be level 1 and so forth.  On a positive note, you can create multiple accounts so your family and friends can play individually on the same device without spoiling the levels for each other.

Should you ever get stuck, and believe me, you will unless you’re a word/picture genius, you can use up to 3 hints.  Beware that using hints reduces your bonus points. There are bonus levels which add an extra layer to the game.  During the bonus stage, you have to make a sentence or a saying with all the anagrams and letters, rather than just simple words (and I use that term loosely).

stitch-4The graphics are polished and clean.  I don’t think you could ask more from this type of game.  Sure, the clues could be bigger, the letters are sometimes a little hard to decipher, but honestly, that’s just being picky.  This game had an introductory sale price of $.99 but if you missed it, it’s still worth $2.99 without a doubt.

App Summary
Title: STITCH’em WORDS Developer: Sayed M.Ali
Price: $0.99 App Size: 10.1 mb
  • Lots of Fun
  • Hundreds of Puzzles
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Great Value
  • Pictures and letters can be hard to decipher
  • Once you’ve completed the game, it’s done


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