Air Photo Wifi Printing – Printing made easy

airphoto1Are you one to make use of your iPhone camera often and wish there was an easier way to print these photos without resorting to first uploading and opening all kinds of photo editing programs on your computer? If so, then you should definitely check out Air Photo Wifi Printing. This app basically cuts out the middleman and allows you to choose which photo to print right from your iPhone’s camera roll. I had a chance to test it out and found it to work  just as advertised on both my Macbook and PC.

airphoto3The first order of business is to download and install the Air Photo Server. There are three different server versions; 32-bit Windows XP and Vista, 64-bit Windows Vista and Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard). Once you open up Air Photo, you will see a screen very similar to that of your photo library. Browse through your pics and select the one you want printed. Here, you will see two buttons at the bottom, “Connect” and “Print”. Connect will allow you to choose which server to connect to (mac or pc that is currently running Air Photo Server). Hit Print and your photo will be sent to your computer and the print job should begin momentarily.

airphoto4Here are a few more features of Air Photo:

  • Auto-rotation. You don’t need to configure whether you want to print landscape or portrait.
  • Scaling options – crop or white space.
  • Printer is configured with Air Photo Server, with complete control. The printer settings are persistent.
  • Simple and seamless interface. Single tap to print.
  • Auto connect if only one Air Photo Server running on the network. If multiple are running, choose which one to connect to.
  • Compatible with all wifi environments.
  • Compatible with all printers.

airphoto5_thmbAir Photo is extremely easy to use and actually works. I hadn’t run into any problems thus far and I think its a great app to have, especially for when I want to quickly print off a pic here and there. For $1.99, I recommend this app to anyone who currently finds getting photos from their iPhone to the printer to involve one too many steps.


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