The Creeps! Promo Code Giveaway! – Round 2 (Closed)

thecreeps_review4TouchMyApps is giving away another 2 promo codes for this sweet defense title. The Creeps! remains one of my favorite tower games, right up there with 7 Cities and Fieldrunners. If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out our review of The Creeps! right here. To enter the contest, submit a comment and tell us what your thoughts are on all these farting/burping/boobie/etc apps to hit the App Store. Is it a good or bad thing and why? Winners will be selected randomly and our contest ends Jan 26th @ 10am EST.

** Once again, thanks for all the comments everyone. Seems like the majority feel that there are way too many farting/burping and similar apps out there. Like most, I too think there waaaay too many crappy (no pun intended) apps at the App Store. Unless you have a fart fetish, there is no need for 1000 of them. Let’s hope that Apple will implement some sort of quality control system and weed out the junk.

And on to the winners!

Congrats to Brendan and jawslover for winning a copy each of The Creeps!

We’ll be running more contests all week long, so stay tuned!

  • shigzeo

    (praying that there are more codes to go around, praying praying praying…)

    I think that these apps are a waste of my time. And your time. And everyone’s time. And they make us look like kids. And they make only kids laugh. But, I think that everyone needs to make what they think is best. And, then they need to get Apple’s hammer slammed on their heads.

  • Wayne Jelley

    My belief these apps are a necessary evil. While I agree they are a waste of iPhone space, not allowing them is a level of censorship that could hurt the overall market. I would like to see Apple create a new Category called Oddball. This would be the space where these apps could go to thrive or die. One of the benefits of these apps are as tools for those budding programmers to look at functionality from differing perspectives.

  • jawslover

    I think apple should stop the farting etc apps because we already have WAY more than enough, and the people that are submitting all these apps just want money. We need more developers that take the risk to design innovative, fun games.

  • akam

    i think the surge in the increase of farting/burping/boobie/etc apps to hit the App Store is simple crazy. We have enough of these already and most of them are just copycats of the ifart mobile. We need more innovative apps to have our money well-spend. 1 ifart app is enough, too many is a crowd.
    The wobble app at least is more innovative than the ifart app in a sense it modify the pictures. At least more useful. We shall see what comes our way if apple restrict the number of similar apps on the appstore. Will that happen? I hope so.

  • Ben

    In my opinion the whole entertainment category is one big mess. I’ve got a good advice for appsniper users. To get rid of ifart/vomit/blurb etc. apps, just pick entertainment on the ignore list. Et voil√†! You’ll be suprised by how many interesting applications is actually coming out of the appstore every day.

  • Jade

    I think only a few of them should be in the appstore, not the whole assortment of paid and free fart apps as well as similar apps. One or two of each is fine. They shouldn’t be removed, however, because they are not really offensive and could be amusing for some, though not me.

  • Jeremy

    I think it’s bad, it is just really stupid and they should get rid of them, what’s next a top free fart apps,
    PS Sorry for my other post I did not read the rules

  • Dave P

    I think it says a lot about society that these apps are so popular. I fail to comprehend why so many people feel the need to download this garbage, and even worse, pay and support these developers. When we have real games like The Creeps! and so many others, it’s really a shame that the fart/burp apps are the most popular. In fact, I’m speechless….but boy would I love that free code for The Creeps! :)

    I wonder if you had a promo code for the fart apps if you’d get any responses by people wanting it…and if you did, they should be embarrassed!

  • Ryan

    I support anyone developing an app that passes Apple’s scrutiny, including the aforementioned. Although I will not ever download one of these, if they sell, more power to the developers.

  • Brendan

    i think a little competition is good but i dont see why consumers have to wade through all these copycats, and knockoff. its ridiculous.

  • Those apps make me feel like eww! I feel apple started a revolution and now it’s turning into a garbage bin (no offence to the devs)

  • Three words:

    “get rich quick”

    so many people are trying to just cash in on the phases the app store goes through as it grows. Fart apps are the new tip calculators.

    that’s my $.02

  • Dennis

    well put yourself in the shoes of the developer.. you’d be freaking happy..
    Since i’m not that developer, i’m i guess maybe one or 2 at the most is okay.. but what we have now is wrong.. it gets pretty annoying trying to sift through the abundance of crap to find something worth buying
    and no. i’m not saying this just because i’m bitter :)

  • SamSam

    I believe in a free market. let devs develop what they want and let people buy what they want.

  • Ricky

    Like most people here, I think all these useless apps are taking up too much space in the appstore. Apple should really clean it up before it gets even worse. Why would developers spend time in creating quality stuff when all these silly apps are making a killing?

  • Casey

    It’s terrible. It’s even worse than the flashlight apps. There really needs to be some quality assurance over apps.

    For me, who goes through lists of new apps with my feed reader, it’s really annoying.

  • cheeky

    personally, i think those types of apps are annoying… that being said, i’ve come across at least 3 people who have shown me an app they have that farts.

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