The Creeps! Promo Code Giveaway! – Round 2 (Closed)

thecreeps_review4TouchMyApps is giving away another 2 promo codes for this sweet defense title. The Creeps! remains one of my favorite tower games, right up there with 7 Cities and Fieldrunners. If you haven’t done so, be sure to check out our review of The Creeps! right here. To enter the contest, submit a comment and tell us what your thoughts are on all these farting/burping/boobie/etc apps to hit the App Store. Is it a good or bad thing and why? Winners will be selected randomly and our contest ends Jan 26th @ 10am EST.

** Once again, thanks for all the comments everyone. Seems like the majority feel that there are way too many farting/burping and similar apps out there. Like most, I too think there waaaay too many crappy (no pun intended) apps at the App Store. Unless you have a fart fetish, there is no need for 1000 of them. Let’s hope that Apple will implement some sort of quality control system and weed out the junk.

And on to the winners!

Congrats to Brendan and jawslover for winning a copy each of The Creeps!

We’ll be running more contests all week long, so stay tuned!

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