Better than bleach: SoundClip brings out the brights


Ten One Design, creator of pogo stylus and pogo sketch stylus for the iPod Touch and iPhone have brought out SoundClip, a new device that passively brightens the sound of the iPhone’s built in speaker.  According to them, it is no magic trick, just a bit of good science:

The way SoundClip works isn’t all that hard to understand. The iPhone emits a fair amount of acoustic energy through the speaker. Unfortunately, many of these sound waves are directed down and away from the user. SoundClip reflects them toward you so you can hear them better.

But how does it actually amplify? The dimensions and shape of the conical chamber create a resonance chamber facilitating the attenuation of some frequencies, and the amplification of others. The next part is the trickiest. We tuned the resonance chamber to actually improve the sound from your iPhone, resulting in a frequency response that is flatter, and more natural sounding.


Unique impassive storage system

Unique impassive storage system

Many products rely on passive mechanisms to amplify certain ranges but Soundclip is yet unique on the iPhone platform.  What does it mean for audiophiles?  Considering you will be hooking up your Sennheiser IE8 or Sleek Audio SA6 (coincidentally both feature passive frequency amplifcation systems) to the iPhone’s headphone output, little.  However, for gaming, casual listening and alarms, Soundclip has a very important role to play in helping you enjoy the sound from your iPhone more than ever.

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