Fast Tap Camera – Finally, an easier way to take photos

fast_tapHow many of you have wished that at the right moment, it was easier to locate that shutter button on your iPhone camera? You know, like for times when your finger’s fumbling around the screen just so you could take that self portrait. Or for when someone else who’s taking that photo for you, and you have to tell them “No, not that button at the bottom. It’s the other one, just above it!”. If you’re one to have come across these situations before and/or use the iPhone camera often, then Fast Tap Camera is a must have for you.

It is probably the simplest app I have come across and one that is most practical as well. It serves one purpose and this is to turn your entire screen into one big giant shutter button. No more fumbling around for the shutter button. Even strangers who’ve never held an iPhone can take a pic for you and/or your group by simply touching the screen. I have tested the app out and it works as advertised. Don’t expect a camera app with fancy options, cause you won’t find it here. There is a few second delay as well while the photo is being saved to the camera roll, so if you’re looking to do action photography and need to snap a pic every second, then Fast Tap may not be for you. However, I would image this app being super handy for normal and everyday situations. For $0.99, Fast Tap Camera is a great deal and is highly recommend for those who’ve had issues with the iPhone’s camera shutter button at one point or another.


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