Taptatop Ultimate in Review – Bloody Whack-A-Mole

taptatop2Taptaptop Ultimate is certainly a game you wouldn’t have seen at the App Store a few months ago. With Apple eventually loosening its grip on apps that have ‘limited utility’ and those that were previously deemed too violent, games like Amateur Surgeon have paved the way for some blood n’ gore on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

taptatop8App Description:

Taptatop Ultimate is a reflex game where your unique challenge is to kill a maximum of moles without becoming schizophrenic!

Enjoy punching their little heads, electrocuting their small bodies or using the classic-but-nonetheless-funny shotgun to blast their heads off!
Be careful of angry moles, they kick back! Not mentioning the deadly mole-bomb…

Probably almost everyone has played some form of Whack-A-Mole at one point or another. One quick glance at the main screenshot and you know this isn’t just any version of the popular game. Taptatop Ultimate pits you against hordes of goggle wearing moles who are “responsible for the mess in your garden”. Well naturally, what better way to solve the problem than to maim and blow some of these cute fuzzy creatures up!

taptatop3 taptatop4

While the objective of the game is to whack as many moles as possible, there are also special types of moles you need to avoid. Whacking an ‘Angry Mole’ will not only break up your current combo streak, but it will also take away a life. Annihilating the ‘Bomb Mole’ will effectively end the game, no matter how many lives you still have. Speaking of combos, this is a huge and fun part of the game. As you kill ‘Normal’ and ‘Master’ moles, your combo multiplier will increase. So if you are able to whack 200 of these in a row (without missing or killing the Angry Mole), your score will be 2pts (normal) or 10pts (master mole) X 200. Needless to say, the longer you are able to sustain this multiplier, the higher your score.


The Special Maxi Mole Saw in Action

The game basically have two play modes: Kill ‘Em Moles and Mass Mole Massacre. They are essentially played the same way, but the only difference lies in how difficult the game is from the get go. In Kill ‘Em, it starts off nice and easy, with the difficulty gradually increasing. Mass Mole Massacre takes you right into the heart of mole mayhem and your fingers will do some hard hitting right at tee off.

Tetraedge Games, the developers behind Tatatop Ultimate have even added a ‘Mole Cocktail Creator’ section to the game. Thats right, in case you haven’t guessed what this entails, you get to choose your ingredients and shake away to make that mole cocktail you’ve always dreamed of! Yummy!

taptatop6 taptatop7

While I certainly don’t condone violence against animals (especially these adorable looking moles), I actually found Tatatop Ultimate very fun. This is the sort of mindless, trigger happy kind of game that is great for times when you just want something easy to pick up and play. The best part of its gameplay is trying to keep that combo alive. As the game progresses, this is no easy feat since more and more angry and bomb moles will pop up and the pace picks up drastically. This is finger tapping at its best.

My biggest issue with the game as it stands is that there is no online scoring system. After playing the game for so long, its only natural you want to compare your best combo streaks and high scores against the best players around the world. Seeing my scores litter the board becomes a drag after awhile, as I want to see where I rank in the grand Whack-A-Mole scheme of things. Other than this, it maybe nice to have an ‘extreme’ game mode that supported multi-touch tapping and even more power ups. This way, you can whack with more than one finger at a time, giving the game a slightly different feel.

Bottom Line: Taptatop Ultimate is a well designed title with addictively fun gameplay. If you’re looking for a new thrill and don’t mind watching cute moles whacked to bits and pieces, Taptatop is a bloody fine game.


App Summary
Title: Tatatop Ultimate Developer: Tetraedge Games
Price: $1.99 App Size: 8.3 mb
  • Overall very well designed
  • Fun and fast paced action
  • Animation is good
  • Building up combo multipliers is extremely fun
  • No online scoring system
  • Could use a few more power ups
  • Mole lovers may boycott this game (though it does state in the credits “Important: No real moles were harmed durning the making of this game (We couldn’t find any)”


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