SlotZ Racer – Now Available + Impressions

slotzracer2Earlier this week, I wrote about Paper Pilot, a game that brought back lots of good childhood memories. Well Freeverse has done it again for me with the release of SlotZ Racer, a slot car racing game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I had a chance to test drive SlotZ and I am definitely having fun with this game. With essentially one button to play the game (hold to accelerate and release to slow down), SlotZ is easy to pick up and play and can even be enjoyed by up to 4 players using the same device.


The ultimate slot car racing game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Relive those great childhood memories of building tracks, burning rubber, and racing with your friends and family!

SlotZ Racer lets players race against the computer or friends; a unique control system allows up to 4 people to race on a single iPhone! Features an intuitive track editor to give the player the ultimate freedom to design their very own courses, and offers a wide selection of cars to race. Compete for laps or against the clock in Time Trials, drive an endurance race, (with simulated days and nights), or play a ‘Quick Race’ to jump straight into the action. The game also includes unlockable new circuits, cars, track locations and championship challenges to keep the action exciting and fresh!

The most impressive aspect of SlotZ Racer is how many features and options are actually in the game. Once you get a better feel for its gameplay, you can tweak with advanced parameters that include Grip and Acceleration Levels, Tyre Smoke, Collisions, Scale Speeds and even Analog controls (instead of a button you press and release, you control the throttle with a slider). You can even turn Fuel Simulation to active if you want to add some racing realism by having to refuel at pit stops before your tank runs on empty. Very cool. Strange Flavour, developers of the racer, could have easily skimped on all these features and made a barebones version of the much beloved Slot Car toys. Instead, they have created a racer that is fun and filled with player options.


4 player action

Playing the game is without a doubt very fun and brought back memories of my track sets when I was a kid. You get a sense of speed by watching all these slot cars zoom by without any noticeable frame rate issues. There are 3 cameras to choose from; Moving, Trailing and Fixed. I found the moving camera setting to work best, since it allows you to see the action on the track without being too close or too far out.


Trailing Camera Setting

Even though the game is as simple as pressing down on one button, it is actually not easy to be good at. In fact, there were times when frustration sets in as my slot car skidded off the track seemingly at every tight corner. Once you exceed the speed threshold while turning into a corner, your car will make for a spin. Thankfully, getting to know each track better by doing some test runs will help you get more familiar with the ‘course’ and possibly reduce those wipeouts.

From what I have seen thus far, Slotz Racer is a definite keeper on my iPhone. There’s a ton of replay value; unlockable cars and circuits as well as being able to play with 3 other friends right on the same device. If you enjoyed Slot Racing as a kid, or simply want another quality racer on your iPhone, Slotz Racer will not disappoint.

Get it now while its still $0.99 during the first 3 days of release. Regular price is $2.99


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