iPod 2g: Jailbreak Looming?

Just spotted some good news from the youtube about a pending release from the iPhone Dev Team that implicates everyone’s favourite iPod Touch as the target for the next Jailbreak. What does this mean for our sleek excellent sounding pmp? Well, if you like homebrew, alternate video codecs, ports, extra gadgets etc, a jailbraked iPod Touch will certainly be your stew of choice.

I started out with iPod Touch 1g, loved it and sold my silly Cowon D2. The 2nd version is all that the 1g was but with less noise, better bass response, a volume rocker, speaker, line in from the headphone jack, better battery life, etc. Everything I want from an a portable media player is included, but what does it lack? You have guessed it: Nintendo emulation. I have waited long for this piece of news and I know I stand with many others in hoping it comes soon.  Rumour on the street is soon.  Would I say Monday or Sunday?  I would not say no, but I am hesitant to hope for so early a release.  The iPhone Dev Team have whipped up magic before:  we have only to wait a little.

Keep your fingers crossed over your crossed arms below your crossed eyes above your crossed legs whilst crossing the street.  And please, don’t forget to knock on wood: shigzeo out.

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