For People and Pervs: iJiggles and Wobble

Yes, you have heard it correctly, the iPhone is the newest and easiest way for peepers to grab thrills from the safety of a 3.5 inch screen.  All that is required is a couple of female friends who don’t mind baring their chests for your private enjoyment or a telephoto lens, camouflage trousers, a tripod, the fall of evening and patience.  iBoobs, a rejected app had the wrong premise:  3D modelled moving breasts attract unwanted attention and get old quickly.  What real pervs need is either  iJiggles or for the less creative Wobble.

From iJiggles website:

Bend, stretch, deform, buldge and warp your closest friends or your worst enemies with this wonderfully satisfying app. Then with one touch of a button, send them bouncing and jiggling with bouncy accelerometer motion. Take pictures with the camera or use them from your library. Lots of fun to be had!

I am starting to believe that there is fun to be had even with these silly apps that are more titillating than utilitarian.  iJiggles’ creator Smells Like Donkey Inc.  are asking for funny videos taken of iJiggles in use:  keep them clean and pour them in.  There are certainly more ways than just wobbling of breasts up and down to enjoy this app but after the release of Wobble, I think few actually think of other uses.


Wobble by Glentwood pty limited is the other photo manipulation app that bounced up the app store one day earlier and seems to have a larger following of thirteen year old boys but offers less customisation and fewer asexual reasons to consider buying it. If only their website was properly linked in iTunes, oh, and Wobble support did not take me to a 404, I might consider a witty comment and link but I’ll have to refrain.


It is obvious that our beloved App Store has had a great stint with quality apps and developers lately.  Between iFartMobile its successors, and Wobble and its soon to come children, be prepared for a true tide of provocative, intelligent apps.  There has never been a better time to be a Mac fan or iPhone user than now.

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