CompareMe in Review- A Tool for Hard Times?


As a typical guy, I never compare prices or haggle/ bargain/ negotiate when I buy stuff, unless it’s a big purchase like a big-screen TV, computer or whatever. I never shop around comparing how much brand A of sugar is to brand B. So when I got this app, I thought that I will have no use for it. However, people around me thought otherwise…

Upon loading the application, the screen is split into top and bottom, in which you can use the formula of X amounts of Y priced at Z to compare two products. When I saw this screen, I immediately thought of buying different brands of commodity products, such as sugar, salt or meats. Clicking on the number fields let me enter the correct amount, and then when I pressed the button in the middle, the application then calculated which one was cheaper, and then by how much.

compareme2Initially, I thought that it was it for this application, and that immediately made me think “what a rip off… this thing costs $2.99!!” However, it does seem that there is another function. By changing the differences in percentages between the top and bottom, the application can then calculate a “target” new price should I want, for example, a 30% discount. Although it is not something that could change the world, it’s an added convenience.

compareme1In conclusion, this app does what it says; it allows the user of the application to compare the pricing of two similar products that are priced differently on weight and so on. It also allows the user to reverse calculate a target price, which could be useful for some. However, in terms of real world practicality of this application… I myself don’t see it, since I think that if I really want to compare, I could do so with simple arithmetic. Also, there is the built-in calculator on the iPhone/ iPod Touch. Hence although I think the application is okay, I don’t think it’s worth the purchase.

App Summary
Title: CompareMe Developer: codedifferent
Price: $2.99 App Size: 1.2 mb
  • Very intuitive application
  • Has enough options on different lengths, weights, etc
  • Has reverse calculation option
  • Not any in particular; real value of application compared to mental arithmetic


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