A Look at Photo Show – Great Slideshow Maker

photo_show7The slideshow function found in the stock Photos app on the iPhone/iPod Touch is very basic indeed. With only several transition types and a limited amount of options to choose from, users maybe left wanting more. Enter Photo Show, a fully featured and easy to use slideshow maker that will give you more control and the ability to add that personal touch to all your photos.

Using images from your photo library, you can easily create slides filled with an assortment of  transition effects, voice recordings and even preset ambient music. Even without these extra features, one great aspect of Photo Show is that you are able to create categories for all your photos. This way you can have sections for ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Vacation’ and what have you. Under each of these categories, you can then create multiple slideshows. So in your Vacation folder, you can have individual slideshows for every country/place you’ve been to. This setup makes organizing your photos so much easier. A definite plus in my book.



Once you have photos added to each slideshow, you can either apply a certain transition effect (35+ in all) and duration to all photos at once (via template option) or individually give them different behaviours. There are so many effects that you are bound to find several that will tickle your fancy; Push from left, Move in from…, Reveal from…, Fade, Curl, Dissolve and a whole lot more. As for duration, you can set the timing by the second, from 2 to 99 secs.


Selecting the audio option within each photo, users can record their own personalized message or whatever it is they want say to accompany the picture (iPhone only). While I am not certain if there is a cap on how much you can record, I was able to ramble on for more than a minute. The quality of the playback is surprisingly good; in fact it is as good as some of the apps I have tried that are dedicated to voice recordings.


One other great feature I have noticed is that once you add a picture to a slide show, it will remain there even if you delete the photo from your device’s camera roll. This way, users can have a piece of mind knowing that purging images from your iPhone/iPod Touch won’t affect your albums in Photo Show. Now I can finally clean up my photo library and clear out some old pics after placing them in my Photo Show slideshows (though I would still recommend keeping full back ups of all images on your computer).

There is one suggestion I have that could make this app even better. The one feature I would love to see is to be able to browse photos through a thumbnails section, just like in the photo library. Currently, you have to load a slideshow and cycle through all the pictures by tapping on the next icon to see them individually. It would be great if you could glance at all the thumbnails and choose the photo you want to view, hence saving time when you want to locate that specific pic in your vacations or family folder.

Having been able to test out Photo Show for the past few days, I must say that I am impressed by all that it has to offer. All the features worked as advertised, there were no stability issues and its easy to use. Photo Show essentially turns your iPhone/Touch into a mini digital picture frame for only $1.99. Anyone who wants to create slideshows and add that extra personal touch to all your images should definitely give Photo Show a try.


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