Dungeon & Hero – Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

dungeonhero1TouchMyApps is giving away 2 copies of the action packed RPG Dungeon & Hero from Chillingo. Fans of the genre will no doubt enjoy playing as one of three characters: A knight, an Elf/Archer and a Wizard. To win a copy of this sweet RPG, we’re going to make it a bit more interesting this time.  Submit a comment and tell us: if you were stuck in an elevator with a smokin’ hot babe, which ONE Chillingo app would you make use of and WHY. You can check out their apps here.  Let your imagination run wild! (not too wild though :) Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 17 2009 @ 7pm EST.  Good luck everyone!

Thanks for playing everyone. Had a good laugh with your outrageous but funny comments.

And our winners are:

Bessamy and Robert

  • Julien

    I would play topple and ask if she wants to topple with me.

  • GRE Vocab! Nothing says “chiiiillll” like some sweet words.

  • fakcior

    I’d use iMatch to light her cigarettes or iFire to burn down the whole package.

  • Disorder

    I’d tell her that although we’re stuck in this Dungeon, when we get out, I’ll be her Hero

  • Igoo

    I would choose the Speaking English Dictionary and Thesaurus… cause at first I thought it said “Spanking English Dictionary”.

  • SamSam

    I would take a 5 min crash course with “Speak French – Hotel” and then ask her if she wants to get a room in Francais……Ouiiiii!!!

  • Dave P

    I would use Dungeon & Hero because then we could Role Play all night long!!! Boo ya! :)

  • Z

    I would choose Speak French – Hotel to impress her and get her there…

  • Bessamy

    I would show her iShoppingList. Then we could go shopping! Guys aren’t the only ones who like RPGs!

  • JohnDeer

    I would choose iBoobs and compare how realistic the simulation is versus the real thing. Then I would get smacked, sued, and hated.

  • Dennis

    hahah what a great question.. ..
    It would be fun to use tweetie and tweet your elevator experience as it happens. then the whole wide web can enjoy it with you

  • Mall-E

    Fire up Sneezies and show her my sensitive side by playing this cute game :)

  • Ben

    I would choose probably Totem, because that will show her that elevators are not the only unstable and crashy thing in the world 😉

  • LarryW

    Damn it! Every time this happens to me, I never have much luck with the babe. Maybe I’ll set the mood by playing “Camp Fire” sounds from iChillout. Then I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best…

  • akam

    I will probably play Jigsaw PRO with the smokin’ hot babe in the elevator. Reason is because we need to wait for people to rescue us from the elevator and it is a game that let us play with Time while we wait for rescue. Furthermore, I can snap my pic with the hot babe and create a jigsaw puzzle on my iphone and play the game! how cool is that? I can even add the hotbabe as a contact in my iphone after I got her pic. Hehe

  • Jeremy

    I would use Vegas Pool Sharks to see who is the better sniper.

  • Robert

    I’d play Christmas POP! and say, “Hey baby, I’m getting kind of cold from playing this neato game, maybe you could keep me warm with your hot, sexy body! Or you know, maybe I could borrow your sweater or something please.”

  • domin

    I’d play with her Crocker-Poker with hope of stripping her :)

  • shigzeo

    I would whip out iPingPong3D and show her my skills for topspin loops and then watch her play and give her tips in the old style where I must help her move her finger by touch – yeah baby. yeah baby.

  • Louis

    haha. nice try shiggy.

    Here’s what I would do in this dreamy situation:

    First I would make my iPhone vibrate as a nice appetizer. This of course is used to massage her back and neck. I can only imagine how tense she would be in such a scary situation.

    Next, I would show off my skills with ‘Beach Volleyball’ and point out that I recently served as team captain on the Olympic Team.

    If that doesn’t impress her, I go in for my final move. I whip out iGeiger-Radiation Dectector and proceed to explain that with the sudden rise in radiation levels, we have only moments to live. My final words will be, “I don’t want to die without ever feeling the warm embrace of a beautiful woman”.

    Yeah Baby. Yeah…baby.

  • Shigz and Louis, don’t we have one of those “staff can’t win contest” clauses? You nuggets!

    Me personally, I would pull out the “Snowed In” app and lead with, “Since we’re snowed in, why don’t we cuddle up and do one of these puzzles together?”

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