Slyder Adventures in Review: Keep Slyding!

slyder1Welcome to Slyder Adventures, where you play a semi-gelatinous blob who must make his way through a maze of bumpers, walls, switch-activated doors, speed-boosters and -busters, and black holes.

The goal of the game is to collect as much food as you can in each level, catching and eating all the strawberries, ice cream cones, blocks of cheese and more.  Our hero must have an amazing metabolism, because he gulps down so much food, but never seems to gain a pound!  If only we all could be like that…

slyder2Anyway, back to the game at hand!  There are two modes to play in the options menu, “Touch & Tilt” and “Touch Only”.  I started with the latter option, hoping to enjoy using this application in its “full glory”, using as many of my iPhone’s super-features as possible.  I found the “Touch & Tilt” mode a bit too challenging.  You have to manage turning the level upside down and around and around via touch and dropping our friend Slyder in the direction of choice by tilting.  But the tilting only works on one axis, left to right.  Or at least it only works properly on one axis.  I just found that this mode made the gameplay too complicated, it took me three levels just to get used to it.  Not exactly intuitive.

slyder3Once I switched to “Touch Only”, I had a much easier and more natural time playing the game.  In “Touch Only” mode, you need only to turn Slyder’s world around to make him drop in the appropriate direction.  Now, while this mode is easier to play, it’s a little less precise, which makes it less easy to get all the snacks, especially in the harder levels.  For all of you hardcore gamers who need to get all the points in a level, you’ll want to stick with “Touch & Tilt” and work with the tricky interface to pick up all the culinary items that Slyder seems to crave.  An unfortunate compromise there.

The only challenges really are slow patches of sticky goo and black holes which cause you to lose a life and start the level over again.  The lack of story, enemies, and threat of losing lives and points takes away some of the traditional gaming fun for this reviewer.  The soundtrack is alright, pretty repetitive though, and the looping is a little patchy.  It’s decent graphically, quite smooth, though it would be nice to see some more varied colour schemes in the levels.

As far as gameplay goes, as I said before, in “Touch Only” mode it’s pretty decent, but it lacks intuitiveness.  Also, there’s no way of tracking levels or going back to redo them, which is always nice in a game where you want to accumulate points and make high scores.  This game would be enriched by a story line, more enemies and threats to the character, easier and more intuitive gameplay, and more “typical” game features.  All this said, it is fun and reasonably addictive.  If you’re just looking for a nice game to spend some time with, this game has endless hours of play for you!  I can see anyone getting some enjoyment out of it, it’s great for just winding down and chilling out.


App Summary
Title: Slyder Adventures Developer: HUDSON(C)Sandlot Games Corporation
Price: $2.99 App Size: 9,9 mb
  • Smooth and well-drawn graphics
  • Moderately Addictive
  • Easy and low-key
  • Soundtrack not very well done
  • Gameplay not highly intuitive
  • Lack of key elements to a good game (story, enemies, mission, level-tracking)
  • Needs more varied level environments.


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