First Look at Paper Pilot – Paper Airplane Goodness for your iPhone

paperpilot1I remember spending heaps of time as a kid playing with and testing out all kinds of paper airplanes, trying to make them glide further and faster. While that hobby is long gone,  Clever Coding has revived those fun memories with their release of the beautiful 3D flyer Paper Pilot. Developed using the powerful iPhone game engine Unity, Paper Pilot will have you flying a paper airplane through gorgeously rendered 3D environments via the accelerometer and collecting  floating paperclips in the least amount of time possible.

App Description:

Take off in Clever Coding’s newest game for iPhone and iPod Touch, “Paper Pilot!” Race against time to complete 8 challenging courses featuring some of the very best graphics on iPhone.

You will be flying with ease in seconds using Paper Pilot’s intuitive controls, and racing your way to victory.

Starting with only 2 courses unlocked, fly qualifying times to receive your Test Pilot, Fighter Pilot and Captain’s rankings, while unlocking the next levels. Your flying skills will be squarely challenged as you unlock longer courses and qualify for more and more ranks.

Enjoy the unsurpassed graphics of Paper Pilot, with details and a richness not to be found in any other game for iPhone or iPod Touch. Paper Pilot levels are beautifully built, textured and lit.

paperpilot3Controlling your airplane is intuitive very fun as you get the hang out it. You hold the device at a 45 degree angle to fly straight ahead. To steer, simply tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch left and right; to dive and climb, tilt forward and back respectively. The orange lines found on the left of the screen indicate your ‘aircraft’ speed. Sliding it up and down will allow you to fly faster or slower.

The game is divided in different areas, like the ‘Main Office’, ‘Apartment’ and ‘After Hours’. When you start the game, only the first area ‘Main Office’  is unlocked. In order to advance and open up more enviroments to fly through, you must first earn the required Pilot rankings (accomplished by finishing a level in a set amount of time. The faster your time, the higher your ranking).  So if you want to play the ‘Secret Level’, you must have already achieved Captain Status in 6 previous levels.

paperpilot5It did take me a bit of time to grasp the controls fully and pick up those paper clips with ease. Once I realized that making full use of the speed controls was vital to earning higher ranks (i.e slow down the plane to turn those tight corners and blasting it once the clips are in my line of sight), the game was even more enjoyable. I have gone back to levels over and over again just to try and beat my personal best time.

I must say that the Paper Pilot has some of the best 3D environments I have seen on the iPhone. The amount of detail that has gone into the game is quite incredible actually. I often found myself just flying around aimlessly and enjoying the graphics. Watching boxes move along the conveyor belt or the fans spinning in the ceiling is very cool indeed. The game runs smoothly for the most part, with a few frame rate hiccups here and there. Nothing that will detract from the flying experience though.

Clever Coding is even running a wicked contest for the player with the fastest times:

$250 iTunes gift card to player with fastest times
$25 iTunes gift cards to the rest of the top ten
Contest End Jan 31st
Or 2 weeks after Apple approves it which every is later.

For complete rules and details, check out their website here

Judging from what I have seen thus far with Paper Pilot, I think anyone who enjoys a great flight sim will love this title. Players may find it challenging to clear the required times at first, but once you do, the feeling is awesome.  Excuse me while I head back to my virtual world of paper gliding.

Available now for $2.99


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