Trapped: Undead Infection Now Available + Impressions

trapped_undead-infection1Com2uS Corp, the developers behind The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor and Crazy Hotdogs has released a survival horror title in Trapped: Undead Infection. Playing as a scientist trapped in a bio-research facility,  you have no recollection of who you are and what’s happening around you.  One thing is for certain: zombies are everywhere and you must defend yourself with an assortment of weapons (stun guns, pistols, shotguns) as well as solve puzzles along the way.

trapped_undead-infection2App Description:

A bio-research lab accident has turned everyone around you into mindless, flesh-eating zombies! Battle the undead with a wide range of weapons as you explore the dark, infected corridors of the lab to find a way out.

– Hours of engaging, suspenseful gameplay
– Intelligent & strategic, with spooky sound effects and an intense atmosphere
– A wide choice of weapons and tools, and a detailed map help you survive and escape from the deadly disease-ridden laboratory

trapped_undead-infection3I have had a chance to test out Trapped: Undead Infection for some time and my impressions are quite positive. I am all for games where you get to bash Zombies in and this is no different. You control your main character via the virtual d-pad on the left. On the right you have two buttons: the larger one will allow you to interact with objects (i.e open doors, active controls and pick up items off the floor) as well as fire the selected weapon. The other button will cycle through your available weapons and equip them.

You essentially move from room to room, looking for clues on how to advance. Zombies are either already roaming around or will awaken from the ground once you get close enough. Using a handgun, it can take anywhere from 3-7 shots before you kill them for good (they make a sexy zombie groan as they die).  You also have a PDA device that you can access at anytime. Tapping on the PDA icon on the top right, you can view items, a map of the area, notes or info you picked up along the way, and access the weapons menu.


Dancing in the Pale Moonlight

I do have a few concerns while playing the game though, and that is the speed  and controls. I found the movement of the scientist wayyy too slow. At times, it felt like I was the zombie. With every step you take, there is a slight pause in the animation, thus creating for some frustrating moments when trying to dodge hungry zombies. The virtual d-pad also leaves a bit to be desired. They don’t feel very responsive and its easy to ‘miss’ the controls when your eyes are focused else where on the screen. Not being able to move him diagonally also takes away from the experience. The good news though is that Com2uS is already working on version 1.01 with the following improvements:

  • Speedier movement of the main character
  • Enhanced touch sensitivity of control buttons
  • Improved game control UI
  • Enhanced D-pad and control button images
  • Minor glitches will be fixed


Fans of survival horror and zombie games should definitely give this game a go. Like the Resident Evil series (one of my favorite in the genre), it mixes 2D action along with puzzle solving elements to the game.  I myself am looking forward to the new update that addresses two of my major issues:  speed and controls.

Now Available for $1.99


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