MeterRead Go Go Goes Update!


Update will bring some new goodies!

In forging ahead to become a greener company, Apple have redesigned their macbook line to be one of the most recyclable and environment irritant free notebook lines in the world. They are also advancing their recycling system but still have a long, long way to go until they reach green parity with companies who have applied friendly environmental practices for a longer time and to more than just their consumer products.

A small proliferation of eco-friendly apps that include zerogate’s MeterRead (Go Green!) in the App Store is evidence that Apple’s goals are changing. Since MeterRead (Go Green!) has been well covered already, we will not add to the already excellent heap of reviews on the net. Rather, TouchMyApps will discuss some of the new features due to be released in the next update of MeterRead in an exclusive sneak peak. Then, we will suggest a catalogue of features we would like to see in future releases or succeeding apps from zerogate.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to zerogate for developing this encouraging app. For those of you who do not know, MeterRead is a very simple app that estimates your electrical expenses for the month.

From their website:

Go Green, Save Green!
MeterReadâ„¢ is a money saving, eco-friendly app that eliminates the confusion of reading your electric meter and more importantly, gives you feedback on your energy use with each reading.

Studies show that motivated people who monitor their energy use generally save around 10-20% on their electric bill. This could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year and by saving energy you will be doing your part to keep this planet healthy and green.

Read your meter with ease using your iPhone or iPod Touch interface, check it again later anytime and MeterRead™ will provide you with the data you need to gain control of your power bill. MeterRead™ will display the total kilowatt hours (kW•h) used since the last read and predictively calculate your total usage for the next 30 days!

While MeterRead does its job well, does it justify its price tag of 2.99$? I assure you that with proper use, this app can save you more than 10x its worth every month. It won’t however, do the work for you. The iPhone is a great tool but is not yet automaton. You will need to use the estimates given by MeterRead as guides What it will not do however is suggest ways that you can tweak your utilities’ use to find a greener and more cost effective use of your home.

Fortunately, the next update is not small; some significant upgrades will be introduced into MeterRead. Water and gas meters will be introduced as well as day/night cycles so that your predictions can be accurate to government price shifting strategies. MeterRead will also incorporate counter rotating meters for those whose toilet bowl flushes in the opposite direction and have options for solar cars and solar energy. Finally, zerogate will update MeterRead’s meters to allow for easily selectable reference points to round out quite one of the largest updates in the App Store.

utilmeterreadnewmeterWith the update, MeterRead will become a fully encompassing home utility meter and has great potential to open many people’s eyes to a more (eco)logically and (eco)nomically friendly lifestyle. We are eager to get our hands on the new update when Apple approve the update.

utilmeterreadmeter2What would TouchMyApps like to see from zerogate in the next update?

  • Energy calculators for size of house versus heat/cooler usage
  • Water saving toilet meters
  • Incandescent versus compact flourescent light bulb meters

Please check out the excellent video feature that the Living Green Channel have posted, but ignore the price of .99$; it is returning to 2.99$ after the update.


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