Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience in Review – Not Really Flying…


When I heard about Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience and saw some of the screenshots on iTunes, I had high expectations; the graphics were amazing!! It was like the screenshots were taken from a PSP or a PS2 even; just by showing me the graphics on a webpage it could never convince me that Wings 2 was a mobile phone grade application. I then immediately wanted to test it out, to see how great the program was.

Well, after playing with Bottle Rocket’s Flight Sim title for awhile and showing it to some friends, we’ve come to the conclusion that this “platform” had a lot of potential, but the program that we know as Wings 2 could only be labeled as a technology demonstrator, and not really a game or simulator.

Here’s why…

wings2When I initially loaded this application, the gorgeously rendered title screen blew me away; this application again showed me the power of the iPhone/ iPod Touch’s graphical capability, and when I started a simulation session, I was amazed by how beautiful it looked. Skies and land were rendered faultlessly, and the speed was very much on par with dedicated game consoles, mobile or otherwise.

The control of the game was simple enough; treat the iPhone/ iPod Touch as the steering wheel of the plane. To dive, push the device downwards, and the reverse to pull up; rotate the phone left/ right to turn. Tapping on the screen brings out the control that allows you to control the throttle of the plane; slide up to speed up and the reverse to slow down. The on-screen panel also allows you to display/ hide the HUD, switch between floating mode and flying mode (I actually don’t see a difference…), volume of the game, and to exit back to the title screen.

wings3Now, to the reason why I call this a technology demonstrator and/ or platform: this application showcases the best flying simulation engine on the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, and that the controls are intuitive and fun enough that players will be willing to interact with it until the battery on the device dies. However, there is no point to this application. True, the authors of the game claim that the game was designed to allow the user to “relax and get away for a few minutes”, but I wouldn’t want to spend more than five minutes with Wings 2. Not that it’s not a fun “game”, but because there isn’t an aim it doesn’t spur me on.

wings4To conclude, I think Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience has a lot of potential; should there be more elements in the game, such as airports as targets, airstrips for landing, or more scenery in the levels, I think that this will be a much better game. It will give the user some purpose in the game to fulfill. I think if in the next version some of these elements were added, then I think the popularity of the game will increase.

App Summary
Title: Wings 2: Flight Simulator Experience Developer: Bottle Rocket
Price: $1.99 App Size: 16.3 mb
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Intuitive controls. Realistic enough for a portable device
  • No point/ aim/ mission in the game to fulfil/ achieve
  • The beginner (floating) and advance (flying) mode shows no difference


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