Exclusive First Look at Tiltafun

tiltafun1On the Rocks Productions has dropped by TouchMyApps and given us an exclusive Sneak Preview of Tiltafun, a soon to be released tilt controlled game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. On the Rocks maybe a new developer for the iPhone, but they certainly have some big plans for the App Store, including developing a platform game for the animated Feature ‘Thor‘. Tiltafun, to be released on Jan 20th,  puts you in the role of a cute candy munching critter where you will have to collect sweets while avoiding obstacles. Aspects of the game kind of reminds me of the popular title Labyrinth, but with a vibrant and fun twist.


Tiltafun is a simple, entertaining game for all age groups, easy to play, yet difficult to master.You control the friendly Candy Monster with the accelerator, (by tilting the iPhone/iPod) as you collect candy, while avoiding the deadly obstacles (brick walls).

With 10 worlds each containing 5 levels, you can increase your skills and keep playing for a long time before mastering the game.

With TiltaFun we wanted the user to have options, so we decided to allow you, the player, to select in what order you want to play the 5 boards in each level.

Once you finish playing all 5 boards in each level you will unlock the next level.

For those who want challenge we incorporated a high-score system where you have to work against time to collect all the candy on each level.

TiltaFun boasts quality graphics, cheerful non-redundant music, so playing Tiltafun should be a fun experience for all

Tiltafun indeed looks very promising, with sweet looking visuals and a catchy sound track that should make it easy to pick up and play. Be sure to check back with us for impressions of the game come Jan 20th. I will leave you with a few more shots and video of the Candy Monster in action.


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