Quick hit on BeejiveIM 2.0- The Best gets even Better

beejive1BeejiveIM is still one of the best app purchases I have made at the App Store for my iPhone 3G (when the app was first released). Sure at $15.99, the price tag alone will scare loads of people off.  But having read so many great reviews, I took the plunge and haven’t regretted it one bit.  After comparing it with other IM apps I had also tried (free and paid), I realized nothing even comes close to the feature set and performance of BeejiveIM. Well today, the best just got better. Tagging it with version 2.0, Beejive included some great new features, including sending and receiving voice notes.

New Features:

  • File transfers. Send or receive natively in AIM and MSN, or send files to anyone as a link.
  • Open received documents, images, sound files and movies.
  • Send/Receive voice notes (tap the nav bar in chat to launch the menu)
  • Send/Receive pictures.
  • Updated sound options for alerts.
  • Address Book linking for buddies
beejive5 beejive8

Email chat logs to anyone you wish via email is a great way to back up or share your chat history with friends or family. The newly added photo option that allows for sending as well as receiving pictures worked flawlessly for me. Needless to say, a very cool and useful feature.

beejive31 beejive4

The new voice feature also worked well for me. Sending a voice note involves tapping on the nav bar in chat. Once the menu opens up, select the microphone icon and start speaking. The quality of the voice note I received was surprising good.

beejive6 beejive2

Another great new feature is one that will allow for the opening of document files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs). I can see this working wonders for those out of the office and being able to chat with colleagues AND view work related files all within Beejive.

All in all, I am even more impressed with BeejiveIM now than I was when I first bought it. Not an easy feat considering I had already thought so highly of this wonderful IM app. If you have been holding out and wondering whether you should finally make that purchase (or are just looking for a great IM alternative), this new 2.0 release should make it that much easier for you to decide. If you are serious about keeping in touch with your friends and family via IM, BeejiveIM is the best choice out there, hands down.


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