Crazy Tanks in Review – ‘Crazy’ Arcade Fun? has quickly become a one of the more well known developers at the App Store amongst iPhone/iPod Touch gamers. With popular and generally well received games such as BiiPlane, BiiBall, Beecells and BlocksClassic under their belt, Bootant is at it once again with the release of Crazy Tanks, another tilt controlled arcade game.

For those who have already played BiiBall 3D and BiiPlane, Crazy Tanks should look and feel quite familiar. Using the same graphics engine, Bootant has created an immensely popular Tank title that has shot up its way up the App Store charts (holding the number 3 spot at time of writing).

crazytanks2The premise of the game is very simple indeed. You control the green tank by tilting your iPhone/Touch in the corresponding direction you want to move. Tapping on the screen will fire the cannon in the same direction your tank is facing. In keeping up with the toyish design of the game,  round pellets fired will also bounce off walls and other obstacles.  Power ups involve health packs, speed boosts,  weapon upgrades like the triple cannon shot and a barrier that will make you invincible for a short period of time.

The current release of Crazy Tanks will take you through 21 levels of tank mayhem. Each level will require you to destroy a set number of enemy tanks and turrets, all colored in red. Upon navigating through maze like structures and destroying all targets, you will move onto the next level and gain extra lives in the process. A handy radar found on the bottom of the screen will point out locations for both power ups (in green) and enemies (red).


Can't touch this...

I did find Crazy Tanks fun and engaging for the most part. The controls were responsive and the overall design of the game made it feel like I was toying around with remote controlled tanks, which is a great thing. The fact that your own shots can ricochet off walls/structures AND damage your tank adds a nice element to the gameplay.

As fun as Crazy Tanks can be though, the same excitement fades upon playing the game for more than a few hours at best. The lack of gameplay modes and challenges really hurt its replay value. After playing through all 21 levels, the action became rather monotonous. While level designs did vary, your objective and the type of enemies (2) never did. Facing the same tanks and turrets over and over made it feel like groundhog day, with change coming only in the form of different backdrops.


Color My World

Personally, I would love to see Wi-Fi multiplayer implemented in feature updates. Adding this element will open up a whole new dimension to the game. I can see it being even more ‘Crazy’ fun if you were allowed to form teams of tanks via multiplayer and mix it up with play modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Last Man Standing (think Unreal Tournament). Even if multiplayer doesn’t make its way through in the foreseeable future, adding more types of enemies and different objectives for each level would certainly do the trick.

Bottom Line: Crazy Tanks is still an enjoyable title that should please loads of fans who enjoy a slick arcade game. Too bad the fun doesn’t last nearly as long as it should. With no real replay value (other than playing the game through in more difficult settings), players have no solid reason to keep playing the game over and over again. Priced at an attractive $0.99 though and with its popularity still growing, Crazy Tanks should continue to be a hit at the App Store.


App Summary
Title: Crazy Tanks Developer:
Price: $0.99 App Size: 10.6 mb
  • 3D engine plays smoothly and looks good
  • Controls are responsive
  • Blowing up tanks and turret is a blast
  • Only one mode of play
  • Gameplay becomes repetitive
  • Multiplayer missing
  • No way to select individual levels


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