7 Cities TD – Free App Giveaway!!! (Closed)

game7citiesexplosions200812307 Cities TD is arguably the most polished and fun Tower Defense game available thus far for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you haven’t had the chance to play this great defense title, TouchMyApps has 3 promo codes to giveaway! To enter the contest, all you have to do is submit a comment below as well as vote for 7 Cities TD in 1 or more categories for the Best App Ever Awards (if you have indeed played the game). Winners will be selected randomly and our contest ends Jan 7th @ 7am EST.

Note: Promo codes only work with US itunes accounts.

Best Strategy Game: http://bestappever.com/v/gstr/299605743
Best Game Graphics: http://bestappever.com/v/ggra/299605743/
Best Long-Play Game: http://bestappever.com/v/glng/299605743/
Best Productivity Killer: http://bestappever.com/v/pkil/299605743/

Congrats to our winners for free copies of 7 Cities TD:


Thanks for playing everyone and don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win this time round ๐Ÿ˜‰ There will be more contests in the near future!

  • Bessamy

    I would love to try 7 Cities TD!!! Seeing how popular this app is, I would just LOVE to make this tower defense game my first in this game type. I think their take on advancing the towers is pretty neat.

  • Rocky

    I too would love to try 7 cities! A friend of mine told me its a great tower game…hook me up!

  • jett49

    I’m in. Wouldn’t mind playing this nice looking game

  • I am such a junkie for TD games…count me in!

  • no, it is not neat. it is amazing. 7cities is a real gem to discover as you blow the hell out of pirates, monsters and other ships whilst earning gems!

    good luck!

  • ChunkyB

    I’d love to try the game. I can’t vote because I haven’t played it.

  • Julien

    I love tower defense and would gladly try this new one :)

  • cheekydc

    7 cities please!!!!! tower defence games seem to be the most consistently well received apps out there.

  • Buro

    Awesome game! I already have it, but I wouldn’t mind having a code to get someone else addicted to it too!

  • Esther

    Count me in. Looks like a fun game!

  • Gretchen Imbergamo

    Count me in

  • I did vote! Select Me! :p

  • Sammy

    oh yeah! 7 Cities has been on my wish list for awhile now. I have tried tap defense and fieldrunners… while both are good in their own way, I would love to play 7 Cities TD.

  • Z

    Woo! I love TD games! This one looks really fun too ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mason Sten

    Sweet this game looks awesome. I just can’t justify it right now after all the other TD games I’ve purchased lately!

  • Mikeman118

    This looks really awesome! Hope I win!

  • jimmytsai

    I am rather new to tower games on my iPod touch. 7 cities looks as good as any defense game right now I have to say

  • MJ

    Played the game on my friends iPhone. Totally fun and addictive!

  • Dennis

    More TD’s Woohoo!

  • Sandro D.

    never played defense games on the iphone before, but this game looks like a great place for me to start.

  • shigzeo

    we will be reviewing for the final winner to be announced later in the morning (Wednesay 7 January). Get your votes in.

    I wish you luck, but if you are not lucky, buy this game! it is very very good.

  • ozzie32

    i hope i win a copy (keeping fingers crossed), if not, 7 CITIES will be the next game i buy at the appstore

  • ckdk

    very cool! looks like a fun tower game

  • shigzeo

    check out our review for it if you have not already. we are waiting for more games from them: phenomenal TD!

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