Hexile in Review- A Fresh New Puzzler for the iPhone

hexile1Fusion Development Group has recently released a unique puzzle/strategy game that could very well be the first of its kind at the App Store. Hexile is a fast paced “High-Low” tile-tapping game that will have you racing the clock and clearing the board of all stones. The premise of the game is simple: Tap the stone tiles in ascending or decending order to remove them from the screen before time runs out. While this may sound easy, Hexile is in fact a well designed game that will challenge all takers, especially as the game progresses.

hexile2 hexile3

The first few levels of Hexile involve very basic puzzles that should ease players into the game nicely.  To further illustrate how its played, let’s have a look at a few examples. Let’s say you start off with 5 tiles all lined up on the board:


To solve this puzzle, you can tap (in this order) 4-3-2-3-2 OR 2-3-2-4-3 to clear the board. As long as the next number you choose is either higher or lower than the previous number, you can clear that tile. Here’s another example of 5 tiles lined up:


Unlike the first example, the only way to solve this is by tapping 2-3-4-5-4. If you start from the number 5 like so: 5-4-3-4…you will have ‘2’ left behind as it is not +1/-1 of 4, which are 3 and 5. Should you get stuck, Hexile will allow you to retry the level with a randomly generated set of number tiles.

hexile4These two examples are of course just the tip of the iceberg.  As you complete more levels, the size and shapes of the puzzles get larger and more challenging (not to mention a clock that moves faster and faster). As if this weren’t enough, Hexile will have you solving puzzles that have multiple layers. When you come across these boards, it is imperative to destroy tiles that are sitting on top first. This will uncover stones that are beneath and otherwise hidden from play.

Power ups will provide some much needed help along the way. Currently there are four types that are made available as the game progresses. They range from stopping the clock for a short period of time;  copper coins that act as a points multiplier for all tiles broken in the time allotted; and the ever useful bombs that will destroy stones should you get stuck.

hexile5Hexile does have some impressively unique visuals, or as the developers call it, “stunning retro-futuristic graphics”. Even better yet are the cinematic soundtrack and sound effects. Just like another quick tapping puzzle game in Frenzic, Hexile also ties in sounds made when each stone is broken. As you get into a groove and break tiles at a steady pace without making a mistake, you will begin to hear a resonating beat that sounds very much like of an army collectively marching. This combined with the awesome soundtrack? Very cool indeed.


There are aspects to the game though that can improve with future updates. For one, the tutorial system is cumbersome. Rather than having it built into the game, players will find it only on Mobile Safari. The default iPhone blue alert box that keeps popping up when you pause or restart a level also detracts from the overall experience. A game as well designed as Hexile can certainly do better than this aesthetically unpleasing box. While Hexile may have several features missing from this current release (multiple game modes, a system in place for tracking your score), the good news is that Fusion Development is working hard to implement improvements and new features for future updates. As a player, you can even vote for what you would like to see added to the game at www.fusiondevgroup.com.

Overall, I must say Hexile is a very impressive and promising puzzle game. I often found myself fully immersed, with my finger rapidly tapping away and my brain attempting to keep up with the “High Low” count of  numbers. Mix this in with vital power ups needed to help solve levels and you have yourself a highly addictive game. Fusion Development Groups has created a winner in Hexile and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh new puzzler.


App Summary
Title: Hexile Developer: Fusion Development Group
Price: $1.99 App Size: 5.9 mb
  • Fast Paced and Addictive gameplay
  • Sound effects of tiles breaking add to overall experience
  • Graphics and Music are well done
  • Over 620 playable levels
  • Tutorial system only accessible via mobile Safari
  • Blue iPhone alert box making its way into the game
  • No Global score board
  • Only one mode of play


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