Memo Pad in Review – Note Pad all Dressed Up

memo-pad2The Notes app on the iPhone/iPod Touch leaves much to be desired. Sure it will allow you to type and store some notes, but beyond that, features on it are as slim as Apple’s own Macbook Air. For this reason, the App Store is littered with apps that attempt to improve on the functionality of Notes. Memo Pad by SoftwareCraftsman is one of these apps. While it is not a full blown word processing kind of app, it is as its name implies a Note Pad dressed with lots of useful and handy features.

First off, lets have a look at Memo Pad’s features:

  • Choosing your display font
  • Searching and sorting memos
  • Password-protect and hiding private memos
  • Landscape keyboard for easier typing mode
  • Categorizing memos
  • Emailing memos
  • Undeleting memos

This is what happens when you don't hide those private notes...

Upon starting Memo Pad,  users are greeted by an interface that is simple and user friendly. All the icons and buttons are descriptive (via text) and in plain sight without the need of digging through sub menus. Users can easily search for notes, add new memos, send selected ones via email, and even sort by creation date, last modified time and alphabetically.

For those who would like to keep notes from prying eyes, Memo Pad’s Security feature will allow users to make notes private by essentially hiding them. Once a password is initially entered, choosing the “Make Memo Private” in each individual note will remove them from general view. To once again see all that have been hidden, go to “Security” –> “Show Private Memos” and after re-entering your password, these notes will reappear. It should be noted that these memos will continue stay in public view until you MANUALLY select “Security” –> “Hide Private Memos”.

memo-pad8 memo-pad7

Memo Pad also the enables you to categorize your notes. Each new note can be placed in a “folder” by tapping on the Unfiled button. In this Categories page, you can select and even add your own folder for where you want to place your memo. Tap the “View” button on the main page and you can select which category of memos to display.

memo-pad3 memo-pad5

Another neat feature is the undelete feature. This basically works like the Recycle Bin on your desktop. Notes that have been deleted will stay in the Trash bin for 90 days and can be recovered at anytime before they are automatically and permanently removed. While this is not something everyone will find a use for, it is nice to know that memos can still be undeleted should you find a reason to bring them back to life.

memo-pad6While Memo Pad may already have quite a bit going for it, I do find certain features  missing that could make it even better. For one, you can’t save file names manually. Currently, it takes your first line of text and uses it to create the note description. What if the first line of text is not what you to appear as the header when browsing through notes? The work around is to type out the memo name you want saved as first, then hit return a few times before writing your note. Copy and paste is another feature that could elevate this app. It maybe true not everyone is in need of this function within a notepad, it would be a much welcomed addition for those times when you do need to have some text copied over from one note to another (and sent via email). Finally, another nice addition would be the ability to change the theme of the notepad. All memos are in yellow and black. Being able to change things up color wise via a set of themes could definitely spice things ups.

Bottom Line: Memo Pad is a note taking app filled with plenty of features that are easy to use. It may not win awards for its looks and design, but everything works as advertised. Stability was never an issue (unlike other similar apps out there) as it didn’t even crash once on me. The $4.99 price tag maybe on the high side, but if you looking for a juiced up version of Note and one that is solid to boot, Memo Pad will make for a good alternative at the App Store.


App Summary
Title: Memo Pad Developer:
Price: $4.99 App Size: 0.1 mb
  • Plenty of useful features including Password feature and Categories
  • Very stable app
  • Landscape mode makes typing easier
  • No copy and paste
  • A theme set that would change colors from just the yellow and black
  • Can’t manually save name of note

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