FindIT in Review – Find and Go Seek for iPhone


Hiding away among the New section in the App Store is Granet Societe Cooperativa’s FindIT, an application which flaunts photographic faults in a spot the difference game. It makes no attempt however, to conceal its certain strengths: great photography, a wide selection of photos and a unique zooming system that will keep users engaged for hours in intricate gameplay.

From their website:
The aim of the game is simple: spot the 5 differences between the two pictures shown on the screen before running out of time. Are you ready to explore the picture time and time again looking for that tiny detail that keeps eluding your notice?

After extensive testing, we have discovered within FindIT’s unique music and vista-esque graphics a fun game that betters many rivals but falls short in problematic non-pragmatic programming.

Presentation and Gameplay
FindIT capitalises on excellent professional-level photography and 3D graphics for beautiful screens. Photographic and digital content varies from playing cards and dolls, carvings and scenery to buildings and many other subjects. Each level is refreshing so that playing to expose more content becomes as much a goal as finishing the game. With 100 levels, there is plenty of content to discover making for hours of gaming.

Easy to Spot

Easy to Spot

The differences within scenes are sometimes as small as a spec on the lens, or an underexposed shadow, so don’t look for instant photogratification. My own skills as always, are mediocre and in need of help. Luckily, FindIT has 4 levels of difficulty, each with corresponding time limits and a forgiving mistake engine. Also, you are given one hint per level, but it must be used wisely. The included tutorial is a basic instruction on how to use the zoom but it set me on the right finger.

A more difficult level

A more difficult level - Zoomed all the way in!

Gameplay is strictly touch. You will tap, touch, pinch and spread with your fingers to complete this game in a rich multitouch experience. Each scene contains 5 differences which you must spot before time runs out. Sounds difficult? It is. Fortunately, FindIT features an excellent utilisation of the zoom function which is madly needed. Some scenes are so similar that without the help of spreading into or pinching out of a scene, you may never find that last difference.

While gamplay is balanced with the help of hints and a lenient mistake system, it lacks variety in game types. Unlike Quickspot for the DS, there are not different modes of gameplay. No matter the originality of the 3D graphics or photographs, you will from scene to scene be on an endless journey that eventually dries up its fun factor.

I have no idea what she meant, but my wife said this in favour of Quickspot over FindIT: 時間が短いから、あっちのほうが興奮する。(Babelfish translation needed).

FindIT’s music is a unique blend of electronic and pop tracks that randomly changes from level to level. At first play I was delighted with the selection but found myself more and more disenchanted with the same 4 or 5 songs. There also is no option to listen to your iPhone’s music so, in the end, your choices in this very long game are silence or tedium. I chose the former.

All-dessert menu
My last complaint is the implementation of the menu and title screens. Nothing looks bad. In fact, the game in its separate elements: game, menu and title sections are attractive. However, put together it fits like your wife’s boots: stylish but uncomfortable. They simply do not feel congruent.

No walk in the park: Level-selection screen woes
The level-selection screen is cute ala the candy-coated Windows Vista complete with an imitation of OSX’s quicklook. However, it is not multitouch compatible in a game where there are 100 levels. Care to go back and try level 1 from your current level 52? You will have to flip one by one as you cannot run your fingers mobile Safari style to the bottom of the list. Levels change one by one and sometimes, if you hurry your finger strokes the levels will go in the opposite direction! Had the game not featured such a nice multitouch zoom interface, I would not have been surprised.

Slide and wait and with mistake and to next level you will make

Slide and wait and with mistake and to next level you will make

Despite excellent graphics and great gameplay, albeit slow, FindIT uncovers too many flaws with its design. Beautiful but rushed. I hope that Granet will update the level selection screen to include multitouch, add some other game modes along with a fix to allow your own music to be played. Had this game included those features to start, it would be worth a grab, but it will get a way with a very lenient tap.


App Summary
Title: FindIT Developer: Granet Soc. Coop.
Price: $1.99 App Size: 61.9 MB
  • Beautiful Photos and digital images
  • Well-implemented zoom and navigation system
  • Many levels for endless gameplay
  • Helpful hint and mistake forgiving engine
  • Needs ability to play iPhone music
  • Lack of gameplay modes
  • Poorly designed level-selection hampers gameplay

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