Crayon Physics Deluxe now Available

crayon_physics1Hudson has just released Crayon Physics Deluxe at the App Store. Those familiar with the popular title Touch Physics should feel right at home with this well designed puzzler. While I haven’t had the chance to explore the entire game, it seems to be well polished and challenging. One thing I did notice right away is that you are able to draw more complex shapes than in Touch Physics. Whatever it is you draw will come to life on screen. Very cool indeed. There are currently 50 levels as well as a level editor, a feature that will surely add loads of replay value. More screen shots and info after the jump.



It first became a phenomenon in the beginning of 2008 in YouTube
websites around the globe. The Grand Award winner for 2D Physics
PC puzzle game in “INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL” is finally here for iPhone/iPod Touch!

Paint a picture by dragging your finger across the screen…
Presto! The picture becomes an object and drops to the bottom.

Just move the ball to the Star to clear the stage!

-Replicated the familiar feel of a crayon, loved by both kids and adults
-The drawn picture becomes an object and drops
-Customizable stages
Have your friends try out YOUR stages

-Drawing by touching and tracing the screen…
-Tap a ball to roll it right
-Double-tap to erase the drawing

Things that maybe useful as you progress:
-Draw a small circle, it becomes an anchor・Your drawing revolves around the anchor

If you’re stumped:
-Pinch is for zoom
-To scroll, drag the screen by two fingers
-To retry a game, shake your iPhone/iPod Touch

If you see the pop-up stating “Can’t draw anymore! Please erase something!” right after you start the application, please press the sleep button for a while to reboot the device, and then start the application again.
We will release the new version soon to settle this issue.

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