Mouse House in Review: Push in the Right Direction

mousehouse1The portable puzzler scene has a fun new addition thanks to Plaid World Studios and their new release of Mouse House for the low price of one dollar. Puzzle addicts can rejoice as this game certainly has its moments where it pokes and prods at your brain as you try to reach the solution. In this adorable game, you play as a miniscule mouse out to collect pieces of cheese in order to advance to the next level.


However, this game would hardly challenge you and ultimately fail as a puzzler if it didn’t throw everything at its disposal to get in your way. Luckily, this devious house manages to challenge as it has a few tricks up its sleeve in the form of balls, cracked floors, conveyor belts, rats and bees designed to cripple the mouse in his quest for dairy glory. Balls are essentially blocks that can be moved around akin to a Zelda puzzle, whereas cracked floors can only be walked over once leaving you to think about the path you take to get to the cheese. Rats and bees are enemies will knock the mouse unconscious through contact or shooting stingers respectively leaving you to restart the level and try again. Combine all four of these elements and you’ll be left to really think and plan ahead in order to advance.


Some of the levels can really be devious in the way that the elements are combined in order to throw the little rodent hero off. As an example bees and conveyor belts are used in tandem to create a deathtrap, and as a result you’ll have to find your own way around it to get to the goal. You’ll see little bits of creativity with simple elements strewn about the levels that will entice you to continue onto the next stage just to see the new ways that you’ll be obstructed. However, given the somewhat finicky controls it may result in some frustration due to a misstep causing you to move into your doom or force you to retry the level.

Mouse House is certainly a good benchmark in what a puzzler should be like on the iPhone/iPod Touch venue with appealing graphics and creative puzzles, but the controls mar the experience somewhat. Looking past that however, one measly dollar is an excellent price for something that will tease and squeeze your brain for all its worth.


App Summary
Title: Mouse House Developer: Plaid World Studios
Price: $0.99 App Size: 3.1 mb
  • Adorable graphics
  • Tricky puzzles to keep you busy
  • Fun and Challenging
  • Controls not very intuitive
  • Fairly short game
  • Not much in terms of Replay value

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