Gratitude Journal in Review – A Handy Note and Diary App


I wonder how many people still keep diaries or journals of their lives on a regular basis. I have always been told that it is something worth doing, especially down the road when you are able to look back and remind yourself of things that would otherwise have likely been forgotten. Well, after using Happy Tapper’s Gratitude for the past few days, I believe I have found a great reason to start my very own journal.

According to the app description:

Write down five things you are grateful for each day in your gratitude journal.

Do this for at least one month and your life will change forever.

“The gratitude journal truly changed my life.” – Oprah Winfrey

That is some powerful stuff.  While I can’t attest to Gratitude changing my life,  it is indeed a very promising diary entry app. You may be wondering why even spend $0.99 when you can write on the default iPhone/iPod Touch notepad. Well for one, Gratitude was built from the ground up for this very purpose. Its features range from: adding a photo to your entry; the ability to ‘rate’ your day via the 5 star system; bulleted lists to make entries easier to read; search through your entire diary; 6 different themes to choose from; and the all important passcode feature to keep your journal safe from unwanted guests.


On the main screen, you will find all your entries listed (decending from latest)  along with a search box and a Month index quick  scroller to help for easy navigation. The ‘+’ button will bring you to the journal entry page, where you can write your heart out.  Tapping on the polaroid will allow you to take your own photo that will be tagged to this particular entry.  And as expected, touching the stars will change your rating for that day. A email icon will even allow you to send your entry to anyone in your contacts. Handy for those who want to share with friends and family.

Choose your themes

Choose your themes

Gratitude Journal is indeed very well thought out, but I do have a few issues with the app. Firstly, I am a bit of a procrastinator (ok, very much so). Therefore, there will be times when I will invariably forget to make an entry. If so, I would need to go back and type out what I need to for that missed day. As it stands, Gratitude will not give you the option of which day to start a new entry. All the newly created ones take on the current day and date of the phone. Personally, it would be a nice touch to be able to choose which day the entry is for in the event I forget to write my journal before 12am (or it could be from few days before). I would also love to see an option for double spacing in the text edit section. Having that little space to separate bulleted points would make for easier reading.


Inspirational Quotes appear after every new entry

Bottom Line: Gratitude Journal is a great app for those looking to keep their diaries or even notes of any kind on their iPhone/iPod Touch. With eye pleasing themes and a passcode feature that will keep your entries from prying eyes, Gratitude does exactly what it advertises and does it well. Anyone looking for an excuse to start a diary must give this app a try.

The best part of this all? 10% of the $0.99 price tag gets donated to charity. Sweet.


App Summary
Title: Gratitude Journal Developer: Happy Tapper
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.4 mb
  • Multiple themes
  • Passcode feature
  • Tag photos to entries
  • Star rating system to see how your day went
  • Can’t choose which day to make an entry other than ‘today’
  • Could use more neutral themes for those who want just a simple look

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