A Look at Zephyr – Message in a Bottle


My sad attempt at sharing Homer with mankind

Smule, the folks behind one of the best selling apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch in Ocarina, are at it again with another brilliant App Store release. Zephyr is a simple but unique take on sharing your very own messages with the rest of the world. As you write or draw your message, Zephyr traces your finger tip with animated snowflakes that come to life along with sounds of wind and music.


What makes Zephyr exceptional is the implementation of  how messages reach other users. Once your anonymous message is sent, it could be received by someone half way around the world. The way you receive messages is simple: Once you enter view mode (tap on the Globe icon when you open the menu), you will see the Globe rotate to the city where the message originated from. If it has been viewed by multiple people, a comet will dash around the planet,  showing you the stops it has made along the way. The moment you view a message, you can help spread the love by tapping on the heart icon. The more hearts a message receives, the more it will be passed forward. Not interested in the current message? No problem. Hit the fast foward icon and wait for the next one to come along.


Zephyr is without a doubt one of the coolest apps available at for the iPhone. You can quite literally spend hours on end reading funny and interesting messages from all corners of the earth. Smule has taken another wonderful idea and turned it into something beautiful.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Zephyr rockets to the top of the App Store charts, just like Ocarina did not long ago.

Here are some messages I received:





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