Flight of the Hamsters in Review – Up Up and Away, Hamster!

The Cartoon Network’s first release at the App Store (via their Adult Swim division) was an ‘R’ rated title in Amateur Surgeon, a game filled with blood, gore, crude humor and drug use. Flight of the Hamsters on the other hand, is their follow up attempt aimed at a much larger audience. While the game may look like something only kids can enjoy, its simple but highly addictive gameplay will have even adults digging all these hamsters.

Flight of the Hamsters from Cartoon Network lets you join in the hottest new sport sweeping the nation: extreme hamster launching! Launch your furry little critter into the air and then use items like hamster balls, fans, rockets and springboards to get as much distance as you can. With an easy-to-use interface and addictive gameplay, Flight of the Hamsters is fun for the whole family! Pass the game around and see who can get the highest score!

*No hamsters were harmed in the making of this game.

In Flight of the Hamsters, your goal is to launch these fuzzy hamsters as far as possible, with the help of special items found along your trajectory as well as your ability to glide. Once airborne, tapping or tilting your iPhone will allow your hamsters to glide, thus changing their flight angle and slowing their decent. Doing so will also lower the Glide Meter, so choosing when to glide will play a vital role in how well you do. When the hamster can glide no more and falls to the ground, your distance is calculated and the total score tallied once all 5 hamsters have taken their turns.

Items will ultimately determine how far a distance you can reach. They range from springboards randomly located on the ground that will launch you right back into the sky; hamster balls that save you from doom as they bounce you straight back up; skateboards that allow you to roll to the next closest springboard (your hamster must fall to the ground at a slow speed enough for this item to work); fans that give you an altitude boost and rockets that provide some need for speed action. All these items work very well and add to the gameplay.

The Air Up There, Hamster Style

Personally, I found Flight of the Hamsters surprisingly fun and addictive. The more I play the game, the greater my craving to beat previous high scores (currently at 1463 ft for Best Flight and 3978 ft for Best Round). The graphics and animation are nicely done; almost as if you were watching a hamster take flight in a cartoon. Meanwhile, the music plays along nicely, tying in with the whole ‘Extreme Hamster Launching’ experience.

Sure, Flight of the Hamsters could use more levels and modes of play (not to mention a Global Scoring System), but for what it is, the Cartoon Network has done a fine job creating an addictive game that all ages can enjoy. For the low price of $0.99, anyone looking for a fun and easy to pick up game should give Flight of the Hamsters a go.

App Summary
Title: Flight of the Hamsters Developer: The Cartoon Network
Price: $0.99 App Size: 7.2 mb
  • Addictive gameplay that will have you trying to beat your old score
  • Graphics and Music both well done
  • Items and Glide meter
  • Great game to pass around with friends and family
  • Currently only 1 level
  • Could use more game modes
  • No Global Scoring

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