Toy Bot Diaries 3 in Review – Grapple It!

Matt here, your newest TouchMyApps writer. For my first review (of which there will be many!), I’m reviewing Toy Bot Diaries 3. Having not played Toy Bot Diaries 1 & 2, the series is new to me. If Toy Bot Diaries is new to you, here’s a little back story. In the first Toy Bot Diaries, there is a strange machine which plagues Toy Bot. In Entry 2, Toy Bot climbs out of the sewers and into the skies! In Entry 3, Toy Bot has gone outer space; it’s the next frontier for our little metal friend. He’s off to rescue King Bot from the clutches of the evil War Bot who is bent on destroying the earth!

But this isn’t the only objective. There’re also memory chips to gather to regain lost memories of how your beloved King Bot was kidnapped and War Bot’s terrible plan to …  I won’t give it away. Some of the chips are in plain sight, some are hidden, and some require some puzzle solving.

This game is great. The graphics are well done; smooth and nicely drawn. The colours are rich and the gameplay well animated. The comic/storybook style intros and plot fill-ins are lots of fun.

Playing Toy Bot Diaries 3 is fairly intuitive once you learn the basic controls.  You move about a level by walking (tilting your iPhone/iPod touch in the direction you want to walk) and grappling along.  You can only grapple onto other metal objects, which provides for a fun challenge.  You tap a piece of metal to grapple, and then hold that tap to retract your metallic arm to cling you to the metal object, tap some blank space to release your grip.  Once you’ve got a good grapple on a metal object, you can swing Toy Bot from side to side by tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch.  From there you can grapple to another metal object or lock your gravity boots on and grab another object to you by grappling it and retracting it to you.

With all the tilting and tapping, Toy Bot Diaries 3 makes good use of your device’s touch screen and accelerometer.  There’re some tough spots where you’ll have to use some puzzle solving skills; things like moving objects to different places and pressing buttons in special orders, etc.  You’ll need to pass these kind of little puzzles to get through the levels, so be sure to practice different grappling and retracting methods to make it through to the end.

The first level is kind of tricky as there’s no gravity, so you have to swing your way everywhere without getting sucked into a vortex. It’s a great starter level though, it gets you right into the game and gives you lots of needed practice for the later levels in the game. The next levels are also great.  Having to grapple Tarzan-style to make it through a bottomless pit; having to pull objects out of holes and find secret goodies; having to navigate reverse gravity rooms and more awaits you in the next levels of the games.  And of course, there’s an epic battle at the end, but I will give away no more!

I have to say, this game is very addictive.  You’ll find yourself going back to it time after time trying to get the memory chips you missed in the level you just finished. It’s lots of fun, and still quite a challenge. It’s not too hard to cause you throw your iPhone or iPod Touch at the wall, but just challenging enough to keep you going and trying time after time to conquer the challenge! Too bad it’s the final episode. It’s great for the kids, but fun for all ages. Good job IUGO!

App Summary
Title: Toy Bot Diaries 3 Developer: IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.
Price: 3.99$ App Size: 37.9mb
  • Great graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Decent soundtrack and option to listen to iPod Music
  • Unique and Original
  • Interface is sometimes tricky
  • The last entry in the series!

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