iPhone Nano: on Your Wish-list?

Though there is nothing other than a product listing from XSKN, a case manufacturer, the fabled iPhone Nano is burning up the web.  As the end of the year approaches so too does the hastening of new product announcements and speculation.  Our colleagues at Slide to Play mentioned in a recent article that it would be a “be a logistical and PR nightmare” for Apple to release a product like the iPhone Nano.  I think we can all agree that there would be complications to such a product release, but on the flip side, are there no positives?


Several Case designs with mock up iPhone Nano image

Several Case designs with mock up iPhone Nano image


It should be noted that XSKN leaked similar information about the iPod Nano before its official launch that later was validated.

I am hopeful that if released, it would become a successful addition to not only the iPhone and iPod line but to the mobile phone market in general.  The iPhone is a wonderful device with untapped potential and a great software platform that is for some people, simply too large.  It won’t fit comfortably into a nice pair of trousers nor will it safely fit into a saddle bag for your road bike.  It is too heavy as a phone if you are an active person.  Full stop.

The Nano would be small and light enough for use in active situations.  It would cost less as it would house fewer technologies.  Because of reduced weight and bulk, the casing would sustain less stress and we might hear of fewer issues such as cracking.

Smartphones are popular now but may not endure high demand or market bounce forever.

Gaming would be stymied or even absurd but the iPhone is not all about games.  At its core, it is a very easy to use phone with extra software features that other manufacturers only dream of and rarely conceive of on their own.  The iPhone Nano might be the opportunity that Apple need in order to prove that they can revolutionise not only the smartphone market, but the mobile phone market as well.

[via SlidetoPlay]

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