A Look at QuickPic – Wireless Photo Transfers on Your iPhone

Transferring photos from an iPhone to your computer may not always be the most simplified process in the world.  If you don’t happen to have your cable with you, the only way to sync your photos for non-jailbroken iPhone users would be to email them to your inbox.  Certainly not very user friendly as you would have to send each photo individually, open your email and finally save them to your desktop or notebook. A new iPhone app called QuickPic actually simplifies this process by allowing you to download your photos to any computer using a web brower via WIFI.

The nice thing about QuickPic is how simple it is to use. No extra software is required on your computer other than a brower and WIFI network. Upon tapping the ‘Choose Photo’ button on the main screen, you are given the choice to either select a photo from the camera roll or take a new one. Once your image is selected/taken, follow the on screen prompt to have the listed url entered into your web browser. When the page loads up, you can then save it to your hard drive.

Cropped image from Firefox browser

While it is true that QuickPic downloads pictures at full resolution (1600×1200), I found that it does compress the original image file. In the image seen above, the size of the photo went from 290 kb to 186 kb after the download. As a result of this, the quality of the image does deteriorate ever so slightly from the extra noise. If you are planning on printing your iPhone pictures and expect maximum print quality, you may want to stick to the traditional cable transfer method. One other feature I would like to see is the ability to select multiple images and sync them all in one shot. This way, you will save yourself valuable time if heaps of photos need to be transferred.

Photo above synced via cable (no compression). Notice the added noise from from QuickPik download

For those who want easy photo transfers via WIFI and don’t care too much about the slight loss of image quality, QuickPic is easy to use and works just as advertised.

QuickPic is now available for $1.99

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