Chicktionary in Review – An Eggcellent Word Game?

Perhaps you are one of those at the office who pretends to be working hard on those TPS reports, but are in actual fact playing an online word game when the boss isn’t watching. Or you’re at home, bored out of your mind and getting your quick word fix on the interweb. No matter the scenario, if you have spent anytime playing Word Games on the net, there is a very good chance you have come across Chicktionary, a very popular title developed by blockdot. Well, anagram and word fans can now rejoice as Chicktionary has been be released for the iPhone.

The objective of Chicktionary is to use all the available letters from the Chicken rack to spell out as many words as possible. Once all the words are filled out in the egg rack, the puzzle is complete and you can move onto the next one. Forming words is as simple as tapping the chickens with letters on their chest. Hitting ENTER will submit them and the words will appear on the rack. If you get stuck, shaking the phone will shuffle the letters around to give a new look at your word options. Or you can manually move the chickens around by dragging them left and right, which I found to be a nice feature to have.  Also, tapping on ‘BEAK SNEAK’ will reveal a letter for every unsolved word and ‘FREE BIRD’ will randomly complete a missing word for you.

The scoring system is simple enough. You earn points for each word that is submitted. You earn:

  • 100 points for 3 letter word
  • 200 points for 4 letter word
  • 400 points for 5 letter word
  • 800 points for 6 letter word
  • 1600 points for 7 letter word

To make things more interesting, you can “Bet the Farm” before each round. Here you choose how many words you ‘bet’ you can form within 2 minutes. You can select from a choice of 8 words (White Ribbon), 13 words (Red Ribbon) and 19 words (Blue Ribbon). If you win your bet, you will be awarded bonus points on top of your total score.

Not sure if I am ever going to unlock the "Brain on Drugs"

Chicktionary also has 26 Eggchievements players can unlock. They range from the more standard affair (completing X number of puzzles and ribbons) to a more wacky kind, like completing a game upside down or playing a dozen games between 5am and 7am. Now that’s what I call unique and crazy! Another reason that will have players coming back for more chicken tapping is the Global and Local scoreboard. By signing up a profile, you can keep track of your stats and compete with players from all corners of the globe.

Overall, I found Chicktionary to be a fun word game. There are 100 puzzles in the current release and that should keep me busy for quite sometime. (Dan Ferguson, cofounder of blockdot, has also informed me that an upcoming release will have up to 300 puzzles added to the mix.)  I also found the whole Chicken farm theme to be a nice change from the millions of other word games where all you see are blocks and more blocks.

One issue I did have with the game though is that unlike the web version of Chicktionary (where you have the option of playing a Timed Mode – you can advance to the next level by simply meeting your word target or bet), the iPhone version will require you to solve ALL the missing words before the puzzle is complete. A Timed mode for the iPhone would definitely appeal to more casual gamers who want a faster pace to the game and not get the feeling of frustration when a puzzle can’t be solved. I for one would love such an option, which would give the game even greater replay value.

The Bottom Line: Fans of Chicktionary will feel right at home and can now get their word fix anytime, anywhere. At $1.99, anyone who enjoys solving word puzzles should find Chicktionary both fun and challenging.

App Summary
Title: Chicktionary (v1.0) Developer: blockdot
Price: $1.99 App Size: 4.3 mb
  • Fun theme where Chickens and Eggs replace the standard blocks of letters
  • Lots of achievements to unlock
  • Compete with other players via the Global and Local Scoreboard
  • Ability to move individual letters around
  • Currently no Timed Mode
  • Puzzles can only be finished if all the words are found
  • Tapping the eggs to select letters can feel sluggish

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